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Web Engineer (Ruby on Rails) /Web エンジニア 英語必須

採用企業 株式会社インキュビット
勤務地 東京都 23区, 渋谷区
雇用形態 正社員
給与 500万円 ~ 700万円


リモートワーク・在宅勤務 服装カジュアル 副業OK 残業少なめ フレックスタイム制



We're hiring Web Engineer (Ruby on Rails)! 


■ In light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and to protect our candidates’ and interviewers’ health and wellbeing, we will be conducting all interviews virtually.

■ If you are a foreign national living outside of Japan, we will not be able to process your application due to immigration restrictions. Please reapply once these restrictions are lifted.

■ Foreign nationals who currently live in Japan with a valid visa may apply to intern at Incubit, as we are able to help with visa status change if needed.

As a key member of Incubit’s product team, you will be responsible for designing, building, and owning our products for both external clients as well as deep learning engineers as our internal clients from AWS infrastructure/platform services to backend code to browser and everything between. You will have hands-on software development in a manner that is scalable, robust, testable, easy to maintain and deploy.

Once Here You Will

  • Work with other engineers, product owners, and leadership to turn our vision into a concrete roadmap 
  • Own major features from architectural design to release
  • Create trustworthy user experiences by building products that are elegant, performant and reliable
  • Build, test and ship clean, modular and efficient user-facing code across all layers of the stack
  • Design highly performant and tested APIs and internal services 
  • Articulate a long term vision for maintaining and scaling our systems across the board
  • Actively lead the design and/or refactoring of our application architecture
  • Promote best practices and standards to build modular and scalable web apps and APIs between backend services
  • Identify software quality issues and refactor code when appropriate
  • Implement automated tests, participate in code reviews, and ship code on a frequent basis
  • Work closely with Deep Learning engineers to design and implement the optimal devops environment for their maximized efficiency


職務経験 3年以上
キャリアレベル 中途経験者レベル
英語レベル ビジネス会話レベル (英語使用比率: 75%程度)
日本語レベル 無し
最終学歴 高等学校卒
現在のビザ 日本での就労許可は必要ありません


Required Relevant Experience And Mindset

  • Experiences:
    • 2+ years of professional development experience in building API focused backend systems using Ruby on Rails
    • 1+ years of experience with a major Web UI framework (e.g. Vue.js or ReactJS) and experience building UI at scale
    • Experience with all phases of the software development lifecycle - from gathering and analyzing user/business system requirements to releasing the software (which can be your side project)
    • Experience transforming complex business logic into clean reusable backend services
    • Experience defining software architectural patterns and refactoring existing patterns
  • Competencies:
    • Highly skilled in backend technologies such as Python/Ruby/Go
    • Knowledge of modern javascript frameworks
    • Heroku/AWS or similar Cloud provider integrations
    • Experience in Ansible/Chef/Puppet
    • Experience in Docker
    • Strong knowledge of OOP principles and deep knowledge of one programming language
    • Experience in implementing Automation (Unit/Functional/Regression)
    • Strong understanding of CI/CD pipeline patterns and best practices
    • Basic graphical sense of design with an ability to take sketches and turn them into reasonable working UI
    • The ability to write code that is a pleasure for other engineers to read and understand
    • The ability to speak and write in terms that non-developers can understand clearly, whether it be in a conference call, backlogs or slack communication
  • Business or higher communication level in English
  • If you chose to work remotely, 
    • Can follow working hours with GMT+7 ~ GMT+10
    • Travel to Japan or Taiwan once every quarter
  • If you chose to join us in our Tokyo office, we provide full assistance for relocation

It Would Be a Bonus If You Have

  • Experience working with machine learning products
  • Worked with large-scale deployment and production system to scale, for fault tolerance and maintainability

Ideal Candidate:

  • Product-focused: You take pride in building elegant and beautiful products
  • Problem solver: You excel at understanding and solving complex problems in a proactive way. You have astonishing attention to detail
  • Quality communicator: You can break down tricky topics in writing and in person
  • Surprisingly efficient: You make things work fast, and know the right moment to make them perfect 
  • Ownership: You love being responsible for owning and improving a new, fast-growing code base
  • Integrity and Dignity: You're excited by the chance to establish best practices in our development processes and act as a role model for the engineering team as it grows
  • Curiosity: You are innately curious, and have a passion for learning new things 
  • Bold: You are not afraid to think outside the box and come up with bold and innovative hypothesis based on inspiration, and are able to logically explain the reasoning behind them 
  • Professionally Lazy: you look to do things in the most efficient way as possible
  • Ask Why: You do not stop asking questions until you fully understand why you are doing what you do in the way you do it

If this describes you, come join our team at Incubit. We are a diligent and pleasant multi-cultural team of engineers and professionals spread between Japan and Taiwan that provides plenty of opportunities to learn and grow together. We are still a small startup - and growing healthily with no Venture Capital involvement - as we appraise freedom and independence more important than anything else, which allows you to have a tangible impact on us, whether it is about a project we take or the role you play in the company.



  • 東京都 23区, 渋谷区
  • 日比谷線、 広尾駅


雇用形態 正社員
給与 500万円 ~ 700万円
休日・休暇 土日と祝日


Web Engineer (Ruby on Rails) /Web エンジニア 英語必須 の求人情報 | 外資系求人・英語を使う転職・就職ならキャリアクロス


会社の種類 中小企業 (従業員300名以下)
外国人の割合 外国人 多数


We are co-creation partner in the artificial intelligence and data paradigm

We transform imagination to inspiration using the best technology and design.

No matter how good the concept or plan is, unless the idea can be brought into the real world, it is useless. Our mission is to realize the passions of businesses and products in the best form to the real world.

We always stand by our clients as partners as we share their passions, troubles, and joys. With that in mind, at Incubit we transform imagination to inspiration using the best technology and design.

Service flow for generating solutions from 0 to 1


By developing something that you can see and use, often times many new ideas and discoveries occur. This is also useful for demoing to investors and clients.


Using the prototype results, we develop a production ready solution. We provide an optimal start by taking advantage of our speed and flexibility.


The real test for IT service comes after production. While monitoring the end users, we continuously improve the solution.

We aim to not only create a single product but to create an ecosystem that continuously produces change based on influential ideas.

Our ecosystem will continuously produce mission-driven businesses through the following five modules: "Think tank that organizes issues faced around the world", "Research institute that creates innovative science and technologies", "Educational institute to nurture entrepreneurs", "Investment institution to nurture businesses", and "Incubation facility that organically links the organizations"


  • Creating for foundation

To create a foundation, we need to first establish our finances, resources, and technologies. We will create an organization centered around technology that is self-organizing and sustaining.

  • Expanding our focus to Asia

By leveraging our global organization, acquired technologies, and our 0 to 1 experience, we will actively expand to Asia.

  • Creating a globally active ecosystem

We will create an ecosystem that is able to create circulate new businesses. We aim to continuously create change on a global scale.


  • Project System
  • Development Field

Machine Learing/DeepLearning: Image rcognition, Text Mining, Numerical data Analysis
Web/Mobile App Development: Web Development, Mobile App Development

  • Exerienced Industry

Medical Care/Manufucturing/Traffic/Agriculture/Infratructure/Other





  • プロトタイプ開発
    まずは形に見えて動くモノを開発することで、新たな発見に多く出会えます。 投資家へのデモや顧客開発にも有用です。
  • AI/WEBシステム開発
    プロトタイプの結果を経てリリース向けのサービス開発を行います。 スピードと柔軟性を意識し、事業に最適なスタートを切れます。
  • アジャイルでの継続開発




  • 挑戦するための基盤を作る
  • アジアへ展開し勝負
  • 世界で活躍するエコシステムへ


  • プロジェクト体制


  • 開発分野



  • 協業分野