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System Design Lead (Tokyo, Japan)

採用企業 L&T Technology Services Limited
勤務地 その他東京
勤務形態 契約
給与 経験考慮の上、応相談


The System Design lead is responsible for managing and coordinating the system design team (Requirement Manager, System Architect Lead, System Engineering Product and Function Manager)

Responsibilities :

  • Plans, monitors and controls all activities contributing to the design of the System (L3 Planning - System Activities/Artifact / Deliveries)
  • Defines System Baseline Strategy (for System artifacts)
  • Establishes the reporting interface with the R&D Project Manager, i.e. defines, tracks and reports KPIs
  • Assure assignment and scheduling of needed resources - Plans and drives the System Level FMEA
  • In coordination with Test Management Lead, Planning, preparing and following up action plans from System Design Review
  • Driving System activities through planning and managing priorities
  • Contributes to establishment and reviews of Compliance Matrix
  • Contributes to the Configuration Management Plan (Baselining Strategy, Config Management Items)
  • Cooperates with all Lead functions and metiers as well as the Process Engineer to work on continuous process improvement activities

Work Location: Tokyo, Japan


職務経験 3年以上
キャリアレベル 中途経験者レベル
英語レベル 無し
日本語レベル 流暢
最終学歴 大学卒: 学士号
現在のビザ 日本での就労許可が必要です


  • Experience in project management (plan, monitoring and control against priorities...)
  • Experience in Systems Engineering - Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Strong communication/reporting skills - Knowledge of process models (e.g. Automotive SPICE®), regarding system level areas


  • その他東京


勤務形態 契約
給与 経験考慮の上、応相談

L&T Technology Services Limited

System Design Lead (Tokyo, Japan) - 1120718


会社の種類 大手企業 (300名を超える従業員数)







  • 製品の概念化
  • 設計&開発
  • 試験&認証
  • 製造サポート
  • 製品のメンテナンス


  • 機械学習
  • マシンオートメーション
  • マシンビジョン
  • 機械とのコミュニケーション


  • 価値分析
  • リバースエンジニアリング
  • 製品小型化
  • 製品ベンチマーキング
  • レガシーシステムのアップグレード


  • 世界トップクラスの自律型溶接ロボット
  • 世界トップクラスの商用グリッドメッシュ
  • スマートキャンパス



  • 業界の課題に対処する
  • 市場投入までの時間を短縮し
  • コストを最適化


メーカーの主要事業目標には、運用上の効率性の向上とイノベーションを推進するエコシステムの確立が含まれます。 業界各社が市場シェアを維持する手段は、競合他社よりも迅速なペースで新製品を導入することです。これにはエンジニアリング上の変更に合わせてエンジニアリングのサイクルを調整する必要があります。収益性を維持したままで事業成長を推進するもうひとつの要素は、メーカーが地域の規制や法令に適応するスピードです。 規制機関は厳格な排出規制や安全基準の遵守を義務付けているため、プラント所有者は貴重な時間を監視や監査に費やさなければなりません。

L&Tテクノロジー・サービシズでは、設計、エンジニアリング、プロジェクト管理、運用や保守の引継ぎにおいて包括的なソリューションを提供しています。また、プラントのライフサイクル全体にわたるデジタルソリューションのカスタマイズも承ります。EPCM(Engineering(設計)、Procurement(調達)、Construction Management(建築管理))の専門家として、弊社ではプラントの全段階においてサポートを提供します。


  • プロセスの合理化
  • 作業停止時間に関する問題への対処
  • 法令や規格の遵守


L&T Technology Services Limited (LTTS) is a global leader in Engineering and R&D (ER&D) services.

With 550 patents filed for 53 of the Global Top 100 ER&D spenders, LTTS lives and breathes engineering. Our innovations speak for themselves – World’s 1st Autonomous Welding Robot, Solar ‘Connectivity’ Drone, and the Smartest Campus in the World, to name a few.

LTTS’ expertise in engineering design, product development, smart manufacturing, and digitalization touches every area of human lives - from the moment one wakes up till the time one goes to bed. With 52 Innovation and R&D design centers globally, we specialize in disruptive technology spaces such as 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Collaborative Robots, Digital Factory, and Autonomous Transport.

LTTS is a publicly listed subsidiary of Larsen & Toubro Limited, the $20 billion Indian conglomerate operating in over 30 countries.

Specialists. Engineering Innovation.
L&T Technology Services – a name to reckon with. A niche global company in the Engineering R&D space, we were born out of the consolidation of the superior strengths of the Engineering giant Larsen & Toubro.
Over the years, we have earned our stripes. Today, our clientele includes a large number of Fortune 500 companies globally. As “Specialists, Engineering Innovation,” we are all set to write the future of global Engineering R&D.

Service Offerings
Our business focus is on offering innovative design and development solutions across the product development value chain, for various industries such as Industrial Products, Transportation, Aerospace, Telecom & Hi-tech, and the Process Industry. We also offer services in the areas of Mechanical Engineering, Embedded Systems, Engineering Process Services, and Product Lifecycle Management; besides proprietary solutions in Engineering Data Analytics, Power Electronics, Machine-to-Machine, and the Internet-of-Things.

At LTTS, our Industrial Product innovations speak for themselves:

  •  The world's 1st autonomous welding robot
  •  The world's 1st commercial mesh for grids and
  •  The smartest campus in the world  

Our predictive maintenance modeling library combined with next-gen embedded and OT security solutions will give your Industry 4.0 vision a head-start.

LTTS’s rich domain expertise, supported by our robust technological capabilities, help medical device OEMs

  • Address industry challenges
  • Accelerate time to market and
  • Optimize costs

At LTTS, we focus on delivering solutions that help OEMs create sophisticated medical device designs and then develop them with simplistic & robust delivery models.

We work with global medical device leaders, boosting operational efficiency across the product development and manufacturing processes. We have co-authored over 60 patents in the medical field and are a partner of choice for 6 of the world’s top10 medical device companies.

The key objective for the manufacturers is to achieve operational efficiency and establish an eco-system conducive to innovation.
The only way for the industry players to retain market leadership is by introducing products at a faster pace than their competitors. This requires realigning the engineering cycle to accommodate and address every engineering change.
Another factor that drives profitable growth is how quickly the manufacturers are able to adapt and deliver as per to the regional regulatory compliance norms.
Regulators are mandating compliance to exceedingly stringent emission and safety norms, forcing plant owners to spend precious hours on monitoring and auditing.

At L&T Technology Services, we provide end-to-end solutions in the areas of design, engineering, project management, and handover operation and maintenance. We also offer custom digital solutions over the plant lifecycle. As an engineering, procurement, and construction management (EPCM) specialist, we support every phase of a plant’s lifecycle.

Our consulting led approach helps our customers

  • Streamline their processes
  • Address downtime issues
  • Adhere to compliance standards

Our digital solutions help customers upgrade/integrate their legacy systems to smart platforms that drive connectivity and synergy.

The future of Mobility is going through a massive digital transformation. Our transportation engineering services are enabling OEMs to build innovative next-generation vehicles and aircrafts, and achieve faster time to market using digital technologies.

We help our customers meet and exceed global transport safety protocols, emission standards, and regulations. Powered by a strong legacy of engineering excellence, our 360-degree service suite spans across

  • Design
  • Development
  • Sourcing and
  • Manufacturing


  • Over 150 patents co-authored by the LTTS team
  • Stringent data security across policies, designs, and processes
  • Cross-disciplinary skillsets, covering embedded and mechanical engineering
  • Proprietary IoT platform UBIQWeise to power next-gen vehicles