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Localization, Interpreting & Translation Salaries in Kyushu & Okinawa

Below are the average Localization, Interpreting & Translation salaries in Kyushu & Okinawa. Salaries are calculated per annum.

Job Category Avg. Min  Avg. Max  Average 
Average Localization, Interpreting & Translation salary in Kyushu & Okinawa 4,515,000円
Localization 2,502,500円 4,018,000円 3,006,000円
Proof reading 2,502,500円 4,018,000円 3,006,000円
Other Localization & Translation 3,005,000円 6,540,500円 4,012,000円
Interpreting 3,005,000円 8,054,000円 4,515,000円
Translation 3,005,000円 7,549,500円 4,515,000円

Source: Averages are calculated by analyzing CareerCross’ resume bank and job listings over the last 6 months. Figures may incorporate total packages. If there is insufficient data to show reliable figures then none are shown. The majority of CareerCross users are mid-career, experienced bilingual professionals so salaries may vary from national averages.