Legal, Compliance & Paralegal Salaries in Tohoku

Below are the average Legal, Compliance & Paralegal salaries in Tohoku. Salaries are calculated per annum.

Job Category Avg. Min  Avg. Max  Average 
Average Legal, Compliance & Paralegal salary in Tohoku 2,503,000円
Documentation N/A N/A 2,503,000円
Lawyers - Private Practice N/A N/A 2,503,000円
Legal Secretaries / Legal Support N/A 4,018,000円 2,503,000円
Paralegals (Others) N/A N/A 2,503,000円
Legal Staff N/A 3,009,000円 2,503,000円
Compliance Officers (Corporate) N/A 3,513,500円 3,006,000円
Contract Management (Corporate) N/A 4,018,000円 3,006,000円
Other Legal, Compliance & Paralegal N/A 3,009,000円 3,006,000円

Source: Averages are calculated by analyzing CareerCross’ resume bank and job listings over the last 6 months. Figures may incorporate total packages. If there is insufficient data to show reliable figures then none are shown. The majority of CareerCross users are mid-career, experienced bilingual professionals so salaries may vary from national averages.