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Engineering Salaries in Kansai

Below are the average Engineering salaries in Kansai. Salaries are calculated per annum.

Job Category Avg. Min  Avg. Max  Average 
Average Engineering salary in Kansai 7,030,000円
CAD / CAE & Drafting 3,507,500円 10,067,500円 5,521,000円
Product / Manufacturing 4,010,000円 9,063,000円 6,024,000円
Administrative & Technical Support 4,512,500円 9,063,000円 6,527,000円
Aeronautics & Automotive 4,512,500円 11,072,000円 6,527,000円
Civil / Structural 5,015,000円 12,076,500円 6,527,000円
Electrical / Electronics 4,512,500円 10,067,500円 6,527,000円
Resources, Oil, Mining & Gas 5,015,000円 9,063,000円 6,527,000円
Building Services 5,015,000円 10,067,500円 7,030,000円
Chemical / Process 4,512,500円 10,067,500円 7,030,000円
Industrial 5,015,000円 11,072,000円 7,030,000円
Management / Supervisory 4,512,500円 11,072,000円 7,030,000円
Other Engineering 4,512,500円 11,072,000円 7,030,000円
Semiconductor 5,015,000円 12,076,500円 7,533,000円
Project Management 5,517,500円 13,081,000円 8,539,000円

Source: Averages are calculated by analyzing CareerCross’ resume bank and job listings over the last 6 months. Figures may incorporate total packages. If there is insufficient data to show reliable figures then none are shown. The majority of CareerCross users are mid-career, experienced bilingual professionals so salaries may vary from national averages.