Job ID : 976948 Date Updated : February 20th, 2020

Hotel Operation【語学を生かす】ホテルオペレーション業務

Hiring Company 株式会社からくさホテルズ/KARAKUSA HOTELS Corporation
Location Available across Japan
Job Type Permanent Full-time
Salary 3 million yen ~ Negotiable, based on experience

Job Description



karaksa hotelのブランドロゴは、唐草文様に日本の伝統的デザインである“巴” や“勾玉”


karaksa hotelは、観光客の皆様にとっての快適さと利便性を追求、宿泊に特化した、

Since ancient times, the karakusa motif has been treasured as a symbol of growth, prosperity and intangible bonds.

The brand logo of the karaksa hotel combines the karakusa motif with the traditional Japanese tomoe and magatama designs to express growth and development, as well as partnership and nobility of spirit.

The new karaksa hotel was initiated from the desire to build a hotel brand that would be
beloved across generations, as fresh and supple as the karakusa arabesque itself.

The concept of the karaksa hotel is completely new. In the pursuit of comfort and
convenience for our guests, our hotels have been designed specifically for tourist visitors.



<具体的な仕事内容/Details of work task>

Reception and information as front staff


Planning and proposing events for running hotel


Corresponding comment from internet and input


Checking inventory and ordering


Inputting systems


Training and directing staff

General Requirements

Minimum Experience Level Over 1 year
Career Level Mid Career
Minimum English Level Basic
Minimum Japanese Level Business Level
Minimum Education Level High-School or Below
Visa Status No permission to work in Japan required

Required Skills

<求める⼈物像/Ideal candidate> 


People who would like to work with team


People who have high hospitality mind and like customer service

 ・語学を活かしたい、または語学習得に意欲のある⽅ 訪⽇外国⼈観光に特化したホテルの運営

People who would like to use or study language and are interested in running hotels for inbound sightseeing.


People who can act by themselves and are interested in involving new business


   People who would like to challenge new thing are welcomed and can join trainings

Job Location

  • Available across Japan

Work conditions

Job Type Permanent Full-time
Salary 3 million yen ~ Negotiable, based on experience
Salary Bonuses Bonuses paid on top of indicated salary.
Work Hours シフト制(実働8時間、休憩1時間)夜勤については業務の習熟度を考慮し設定
Holidays 年間休日115日

Hiring Company Information

Non-Japanese Ratio About half Japanese
Recruiter Company Information

HITO-Communications Inc.

Hotel Operation【語学を生かす】ホテルオペレーション業務 - 976948

Company Description




  • 店頭販売・販促支援
  • 営業支援(訪問型・MD・ラウンダー)
  • セールスプロモーション
  • 人材サービス
  • 海外人材活用事業
  • コールセンター/多言語サポート
  • 訪日外国人向けサービス(インバウンド)
  • 観光人材サービス
  • イベント・コンベンション運営(MICE)
  • 指定管理・施設運営
  • ノベルティ・ギフト企画・製作事業 など