Job ID : 863165 Date Updated : March 16th, 2020


Hiring Company ARMベースのSoCをメインにハード・ソフトの開発提案型企業
Location Kanagawa Prefecture, Yokohama-shi Kohoku-ku
Job Type Permanent Full-time
Salary 4 million yen ~ 7 million yen

Job Description


General Requirements

Minimum Experience Level Over 1 year
Career Level Mid Career
Minimum English Level Business Level (Amount Used: English usage about 25%)
Minimum Japanese Level Business Level
Other Language Chinese (Mandarin) - Daily Conversation
Minimum Education Level Technical/Vocational College
Visa Status Permission to work in Japan required

Required Skills




Job Location

  • Kanagawa Prefecture, Yokohama-shi Kohoku-ku
  • Yokohama City Subway Blue Line, Shin Yokohama Station

Work conditions

Job Type Permanent Full-time
Salary 4 million yen ~ 7 million yen
Work Hours 月曜~金曜の9時~18時、完全フレックス制度
Holidays 完全週休2日制、祝日、 有給休暇、慶弔休暇、出産・育児休暇、夏季休暇、年末年始休暇

Hiring Company Information

Company Type Small/Medium Company (300 employees or less)
Non-Japanese Ratio About half Japanese
Recruiter Company Information

Brain International Corp.

ARM-SoCをベースにしたプリント基板設計開発 - 863165

Company Description




  • 紹介する企業が所属する業界と技術内容をよく理解しています。
  • 紹介する企業の業界での位置や企業文化、製品の特長、技術をよく理解しています。
  • 企業の求人の背景や求める要件について、企業が提出する求人票だけでなく、より詳細をお伝えします。

The thirty-five years experiences verify everything – we know IT / Electronics and  IC / semiconductor industries well

Providing appropriate job and expecting career always to you

Brain International was established in 1983 and is the recruitment company focused on electronic, semiconductor and IT industries. We are constantly providing about 200 to 300 job opportunities in electronic, semiconductor and IT industries. Consultants familiar with these industries consult with candidates on a one to one basis and provide information including the workplace environment, corporate culture of companies that they really want to know.

We are introducing occupations ranging from junior to top management level, ranging from research, development, technical support, consultant, sales, accounting and finance, personnel and general affairs.

Since our introduction procedure is based on the scout, the absolute number we can deliver at one time may be few, but literally handmade type, we provide the one to one with support from the beginning to the end, even after joining in companies – which is our strength.

As our consultants fully understand and introduce matching companies in industries including corporate culture, we are doing handmade consulting in a way that we can make the best use of individual career and how we can make a life with creativity.

• We fully understand the industry and technical content to which introducing company belongs.

• We are well aware of the position of companies introducing in the industry, corporate culture, product features, and technology.

• We provide more about the background of the company's recruitment and the requirements you need, not just the job description submitted by the company