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Job ID : 1338426 Date Updated : September 30th, 2022
Come to work at a Multi-National company

Assistant Project manager - アシスタントプロジェクトマネージャー(新卒/第二新卒歓迎)

Hiring Company Turner & Townsend
Location Tokyo - 23 Wards, Minato-ku
Job Type Permanent Full-time
Salary Negotiable, based on experience

Work Style

Remote Work and WFH

Job Description

Company Description
At Turner & Townsend we’re passionate about making the difference. That means delivering better outcomes for our clients, helping our people to realize their potential, and doing our part to create a prosperous society. Every day we help our major global clients deliver ambitious and highly technical projects, in over 112 offices worldwide.

Job Description


  • 異なるデータ・ソースからのデータ統合
  • 報告書作成のためのデータセットの管理と解釈
  • 可視化データ・ダッシュボードの開発
  • データベースの分析によるビジネスプロセスの最適化
  • 概念的なユーザー要件を機能的なソリューションに明確な方法で変換
  • プロジェクト全体で利用される効果的なプロセスとシステムの確立
  • ローコードプログラミングプラットフォーム上でのアプリケーション開発支援
  • プロジェクトの進捗状況とその他のパフォーマンス指標のモニタリングと文書化
  • クライアントに対する効果的なプレゼンテーションと成果物の開発
  • ユーザー研修の実施
  • ユーザーサポートクエリの管理
  • 変更/改善要求の追跡と文書化
  • プロジェクトコミュニケーション資料の作成
  • プロジェクトの正式な進捗状況とその他の報告書の作成
  • クライアントをはじめとする関係者との連携
  • 会議への出席、議事録の作成等
  • 適切な精度と品質基準で作業を完了
  • タスクは効率的かつ期限どおりに完了
  • クライアントニーズは、有益かつ注意深い方法で処理する
  • 有益かつ積極的な方法でクロス・ファンクショナル・チームを支援する
  • プロジェクト全体への効果的な貢献
  • 重要な情報とデータを効果的に伝達し、適切に保持する
  • Managing and interpreting datasets to formulate reports
  • Developing data visualisation dashboard
  • Analysing database to optimise business process
  • Establishing effective processes and systems to be utilised throughout the project
  • Assisting with the development of applications on low-code programming platform
  • Monitoring and documenting project progress and other performance indicators
  • Developing effective presentations and deliverables for clients
  • Conducting user training
  • Managing user support queries
  • Tracking and documenting change/improvement requests
  • Preparing written project communication materials
  • Preparing formal project progress and other reports
  • Liaising with the client and other stakeholders
  • Attending meetings and drafting minutes, etc
  • Tasks are completed to the right accuracy and quality standards
  • Tasks are completed efficiently and on time
  • Client needs are dealt with in a helpful and attentive way
  • The cross-functional team is supported in a helpful and positive manner
  • An effective contribution is made towards the overall project
  • Key information and data is effectively communicated and appropriately retained

General Requirements

Minimum Experience Level Over 1 year
Career Level Mid Career
Minimum English Level Business Level
Minimum Japanese Level Business Level
Minimum Education Level Bachelor's Degree
Visa Status No permission to work in Japan required

Required Skills


  • 建設・IT分野への関心
  • 建設またはIT部門の資格が望ましい。
  • 機敏、論理的思考、プロセス指向
  • 分析的問題解決能力
  • 優れたコミュニケーションと対人スキル
  • チームプレイヤー
  • データベース、ビジネス情報、その他のテクノロジーの理解
  • 未経験歓迎
  • MS Office 365、Power Apps、Azure Logic Appsプラットフォーム
  • Interest in the construction and/or IT fields
  • Qualification in construction or IT is preferred but not essential
  • Agile, logical thinking and process oriented
  • Analytical problem-solving capabilities
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Good working relationships with project team
  • Understanding of databases, business information and other technology
  • MS Office 365, Power Apps and Azure Logic Apps platforms

Job Location

  • Tokyo - 23 Wards, Minato-ku

Work Conditions

Job Type Permanent Full-time
Salary Negotiable, based on experience
Salary Bonuses Bonuses paid on top of indicated salary.
Job Division Project Management Team

Job Category

  • Construction & Architecture > Construction Management
  • Construction & Architecture > Architecture
  • Construction & Architecture > Interior Design & Office Design
  • Engineering > Project Management
  • Construction & Architecture > Planning, Project & Development Management
Hiring Company Information

Turner & Townsend

Assistant Project manager - アシスタントプロジェクトマネージャー(新卒/第二新卒歓迎) Job Information | Work in Japan · Jobs with International Companies · Jobs that Use English · CareerCross

Company Details

Company Type Small/Medium Company (300 employees or less) - International Company
Non-Japanese Ratio Majority Japanese

Company Description

Making the difference

We are a leading independent professional services company specialising in programme management, project management, cost and commercial management and advisory across the real estate, infrastructure and natural resources sectors. With 108 offices in 46 countries, we draw on our extensive global and industry experience to manage risk while maximising value and performance during the construction and operation of our clients’ assets.

Making the difference in Japan
With over 30 years’ experience supporting companies in Japan and a wide breadth of regional experience, we have acted both as strategic adviser on global programmes and support on capital projects in the commercial sector. As a key location in our Asia business region, we are able to assist on diverse real estate projects, infrastructure and natural resources programmes.

Our current work involves us on a complex global programme of brand alignment and global rollout managed by a team integrated with the client organisation in Japan.