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Job ID : 1337572 Date Updated : June 5th, 2023

ERPコンサルタント ERP Consultant

Location Tokyo - 23 Wards
Job Type Contract
Salary 8 million yen ~ 9 million yen

Work Style

Remote Work and WFH

Job Description

ERPファンクショナルリードの経験者を募集しています。 SAP、Oracle SCM、Dynamics NAV、Dynamics AX、またはその他の ERP などの ERP の経験が必要です。

We are looking for ERP Functional Lead experience. He/she should have experience in any of the ERP like SAP, Oracle SCM, Dynamics NAV, Dynamics AX or any other ERP

望ましいスキル: • フルサイクル ERP (SAP/Infor /Dynamics) の実装における 6 ~ 12 年の経験 • 機能的生産計画コンサルタント (製造コンサルタント) としての最低 5 年の経験 • ERP の少なくとも 1 つのモジュールの理解 o 製造 (生産計画、予測、キャパシティ プランニング、部品表、受注生産) o サプライ チェーン o 販売流通 o 調達 - 在庫 • 実装方法論とプロジェクト標準に関する特定の経験。 • 時間を管理し、優先順位を付け、コミットメントを伝達できる必要があります。 • 非常に協力的なチームで働いた経験を持つ、強力なクライアントと社内のコミュニケーション スキルが必要です。 • 以前の ERP 実装の背景を持つ応募者は、以下の追加スキルを持っていることが期待されます。 o 対象分野の専門家として実装に参加し、顧客のビジネス要件を表します。 o 自分の作業成果物の具体例を作成できる必要があります (例: ビジネス要件、設計、アウトプット、トレーニング計画など) • Dynamics AX 製造、SAP PP、機能コンサルティングのバックグラウンドを持つ応募者は、以下の追加の知識を持っていることが期待されます。スキル: • 重要な実装責任が候補者によって管理された立場で最低 2 年間、ERP で少なくとも 4 つの実装経験を持っている必要があります。

Desired-skill: • 6 -12 years of experience in a full cycle ERP (SAP/Infor /Dynamics) implementation • Minimum of 5 years as functional production planning consultant (manufacturing consultant) • Understanding of at least one module of ERP
o Manufacturing (Production plan, Forecasting, Capacity planning, Bill of Material, Make to Order) Supply-Chain oSales-Distribution oProcurement-Inventory • Specific experience with implementation methodologies and projects standards. • Must be able to manage time, prioritize and communicate commitments. • Must have strong client and internal communication skills with experience working in highly collaborative teams. • Applicants with prior ERP Implementation background are expected to possess below additional skills: o Participate in the implementation as a subject matter expert and represent customers business requirements. o Must be able to produce specific examples of his or her work product (e.g. business requirements, design, output, and training plans, etc.) • Applicants with prior Dynamics AX manufacturing, SAP PP, Functional Consulting background are expected to possess below additional skills: • Must have at least 4 implementation experiences with any ERP with minimum 2 years in a position where significant implementation responsibilities were managed by the candidate.


General Requirements

Minimum Experience Level Over 3 years
Career Level Mid Career
Minimum English Level Business Level
Minimum Japanese Level Fluent
Minimum Education Level Bachelor's Degree
Visa Status Permission to work in Japan required

Required Skills

役割と責任 その他の主な責任は次のとおりです。 • ERP プロジェクトの実装を促進する • 要件収集ワークショップに参加し、オフショア チームと調整する • ビジネス要件を収集し、FIT GAP を行うためのワークショップを促進する • Business Bule print (BBP) または Business Requirements Document (BRD) の準備 • クライアントとの連絡役を務める • 単体テスト、システム テスト、UAT、パイロット ワークショップを実施する • ビジネス部門とオフショア チームの間の連絡役を務める。 • ERP の実装とサポートを促進する • クライアントのビジネス要件、プロセス、および目的をマッピングします。クライアントのニーズを満たすために必要な製品の変更を開発します。 • PP の設計、カスタマイズ、構成、およびテスト • ギャップ、問題を特定し、解決策を回避します。 • 機能設計、テスト ケース、および結果を文書化します。 • 必要に応じてアドホック トレーニングとユーザー サポートを提供します。このポジションでは、日本の顧客の所在地に出張する必要があります。

Roles & Responsibilities Other key responsibilities are as follows:

• Facilitate the implementation for ERP project

• Taking part in requirement gathering workshops and coordinating with offshore team

• Facilitate workshops to collect business requirements and do FIT GAP

• Preparation of Business Bule print (BBP) or Business requirement document (BRD)

• Act as liaison with client

• Perform Unit testing, System testing, UAT and pilot workshops

• Act as a liaison between the business functions and the offshore team.

• Facilitate the implementation and support of ERP

• Map client business requirements, processes and objectives; develops necessary product modifications-to-satisfy-client-needs.

• Design, customize, configure and testing of PP

• Identify gaps, issues and work around solutions.

• Document functional designs, test cases and results.

• Provide ad-hoc training and user support as required, This position would require travel to Customer-Locations-in-Japan.

Job Location

  • Tokyo - 23 Wards

Work Conditions

Job Type Contract
Salary 8 million yen ~ 9 million yen

Job Category

  • IT, Web and Communication > ERP, SAP Specialist
Recruiter Company Information

Hire Pundit Japan Corporation

ERPコンサルタント ERP Consultant Job Information | Work in Japan · Jobs with International Companies · Jobs that Use English · CareerCross

Company Description

With VALUES at CORE, we promise to deliver a great PEOPLE experience 

At Hire Pundit (Ranked as Top 10 Young Recruitment Firms by Silicon Group), we take pride in branding ourselves as a People & Business Consulting Company specializing in recruitment and dispatch of High skilled Professionals in Information Technology, Hi-Tech, Engineering, Oil & Gas and Life Science & Healthcare sectors.

In current times, and reflecting to many changes that all business and social community is going through these days (Courtesy COVID 19), we are here to support professionals on all kind of employment platform not limited to full-time employees but we also for PCS (Project and Contract Based hiring), which is part of our dispatch services.  

Majority of our clients and business partners are TECH and ENGINEERING companies, and we have an extensive track record of supporting the recruiting for start-ups and large companies especially operating in Japan, India and more than 21 countries across globe.

With many of our clients having development team overseas and serving market as Japan, we feel responsible in making sure that our professional pool lands in a great working environment (with Cultural Fitment at Core) giving them not just a career opportunity but a sustainable and happier personal life as well. We ensure such fitment through effective screening process that is based on our own defined selection criteria. 

This also reflects in our Philosophy of “Not just making Introductions but Recommending great Client to our Candidates and vice versa.”

Our Strength and Builds 

As a focussed organization, we find our strength in recommending a wide range of professionals with state-of-the-art skills such as block chain, AI and programming. In terms of function expertise, we support candidates across technology and services such as 
•    Web & Mobile development, UI/UX Designers, Cloud Engineers, Enterprise Architects, Network and Security 
•    Business Analyst, Project Managers, Sales, Customer Success Managers, Pre-sales 
•    CAD Engineers (Automotive), Software Engineers, System Engineers, Plant and Piping Engineers

We handle career opportunities that are centered on specialists and mid-career and above, such as managers and executives. Extending our scope beyond recruiter, our Industry experts are here to advise on not only career advancement opportunities but fulfilling your KOKOROZASHI (Personal Mission). 
Dealing with business owners makes our recruitment process most transparent and authentic.
What helps us distinguish from a pure recruitment firm is our combination of providing business support services to our clients and applying that knowledge to find talent. With our deep expertise in understanding the evolving business needs, our Candidates find us insightful and trustworthy, differentiating us from many other who simply recruit. 

Combining people and business consulting deeply impacts our business clients and recruitment candidates. As a principle, our engagement process with all parties is clear and transparent: there are no tall promises, no presumptions about their needs, and there are no assumptions about what they think about our services. 

弊社は、”People and Business Consulting Company” として、インフォメーションテクノロジー、ハイテック、エンジニアリング、ライフサイエンスそしてヘルスケアセクター企業とプロフェッショナル人材の橋渡しをしてきました。

テック、そしてエンジニアリング関連企業への紹介、派遣には強味を持っており、大企業からスタートアップ企業まで、日本、インドを中心とした21カ国へでの実績を持っております。この実績を評価されシリコンインディアが主催する「Top 10 Young Recruitment Firms」に選ばれました。

• ウェブ&モバイル開発, UI/UX デザイナー, クラウドエンジニア, エンタープライズ構築, ネットワーク&セキュリティエンジニア 
• ビジネスアナリスト、プロジェクトマネジャー、セールス、カスタマーサクセスマネジャー 
• CAD エンジニア (Automotive), ソフトウェアエンジニア、システムエンジニア、プラントエンジニア