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Job ID : 1230103 Date Updated : January 14th, 2022

Production Engineer (PRC.Robots)

Hiring Company #645
Location Ibaraki Prefecture
Job Type Permanent Full-time
Salary 3.5 million yen ~ 5.5 million yen

Job Description

About the hiring company (we represent):

This company is an automobile parts manufacturer with 80-year history, supplying products that support the backbone of vehicles from 92 manufacturing sites in 22 countries around the world. They have more than 40 major products, centering on automobile parts, and are expanding the business by producing brake tubes, fuel tubes, engine-related parts, and resin products to increase the market share.

They are constantly making new efforts such as introducing telework and actively recruiting PhD degree holders. They are also focusing on hiring foreign nationals, and the nationalities of the employees are currently more than 20.



[Attractiveness points of the company / work]

It is an independent company that does not belong to any automobile manufacturer. This allows them to freely build relationship with any domestic and international company. 


[Job description]

1. Electrical (PLC) control, robot programming (teaching, etc.)

2. Equipment assembly, equipment maintenance, improvement

3. Cutting (milling, lather)

4. Proposal of new technology and innovative projects/methods

5. Participation in new lines of business (startup-like projects).



Employment type: Permanent employment 

Probation period: 3 months

Estimated annual income: 3.5 million - 5.5 million yen

Work location: Ibaraki Prefecture

Working hours: 8: 00-17: 00 (break time 65 minutes)

Holidays: 2 days a week (Saturdays and Sundays), national holidays

Vacation: Summer vacation, year-end and New Year holidays, and other vacations available

Welfare: Employment insurance, workers' accident compensation insurance, health insurance, welfare pension, defined contribution pension company type, property accumulation savings, telework system, secure reserve leave system, employee daycare


[About the selection*]

Number of (potential) hires: 3

Documents required for application: English CV OK for now

Online interview: Yes

Interview language: Japanese

Number of interviews: 2-3 times

Application for overseas residents: Not possible

* May change depending on the situation of the candidate

General Requirements

Minimum Experience Level Over 1 year
Career Level Mid Career
Minimum English Level Business Level
Minimum Japanese Level Business Level
Minimum Education Level Bachelor's Degree
Visa Status Permission to work in Japan required

Required Skills


1. Relevant experience such as those coming from specialized fields, processing-related, automotive-related, etc.

2. Japanese level enough to handle an interview (around N3 ~ N2 level)


[Welcome conditions / qualifications]

1. Forklift, aerial work

2. Experienced in equipment design

3. Experienced with PLC control

Job Location

  • Ibaraki Prefecture

Work Conditions

Job Type Permanent Full-time
Salary 3.5 million yen ~ 5.5 million yen
Recruiter Company Information

United World Inc

Production Engineer (PRC.Robots) Job Information | Work in Japan · Jobs with International Companies · Jobs that Use English · CareerCross

Company Description

<p><strong>United World supports job hunting and recruitment for global talents in Japan</strong><br /> United World is a recruiting agency specializing in recruiting global talents in Japan. <br /> Our various positions are available for new graduates and mid-careers who have high expertise.</p> <p><strong>[Industry / occupation]</strong><br /> We introduce a wide variety of industries and occupations, including IT, manufacturing, consulting, finance, medical/pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical energy, and infrastructure. We handle a wide range of matters such as finance, legal affairs, human resources, and purchasing.</p> <p><strong>What we do</strong><br /> We keep providing what our customers really need<br /> We pursue our customers' satisfaction;  for job seekers offering the best of our experience matching them with great companies, and for companies helping them find those talented foreigners possessing the right skills for the job.<br /> Additionally, we also provide Japanese language classes, business etiquette training, recruiting events, etc.; keeping in mind our main focus which is matching with regular employment jobs.</p> <p><strong>Vision/Mission</strong><br /> Creating a World Where Anyone Can Work Anywhere<br /> There are many people who want to work but cannot in the world. Even talented and motivated people face many problems on the way to find jobs due to language, where they live, and their nationality. <br /> Also, there is a situation in the world where you have to work and earn money to support your family, but you can't find a job. 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