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Job ID : 1201131 Date Updated : October 15th, 2021

Senior Account Manager

Hiring Company Critizr SAS
Location Tokyo - 23 Wards
Job Type Permanent Full-time
Salary 10 million yen ~ 12 million yen

Work Style

Remote Work and WFH

Job Description

Critizr is one of the fastest-growing, most exciting tech start-ups operating today. We have offices in London and Paris and backing from some of the world’s best venture capital firms. We have deployed our solution for clients in 20 countries around the world, including Australia and New Zealand. Critizr was born in 2012 with the strong belief that if the store staff could be connected to their customers good things will happen. To get a good long-term relationship we built a solution designed to connect the stores to their customers to create a culture of customer-obessesion.

Critizr a SaaS platform that delivers customer interaction management system enabling retailers and brands to put the customer's heart of their business starting from the local teams. Today, thousands of professionals (i.e. Domino’s Pizza, Estee Lauder, Carrefour…) trust and use Critizr to understand and engage in conversations with their local customers across all channels.

We are looking for someone who’s willing to make an impact and open a new market with and for us!

Critizrは今最も急成長を遂げているスートアップ企業です。ロンドンとパリにオフィスがあり、世界のベンチャーキャピタル企業の支援を受けています。当社は、オーストラリアとニュージーランドを含む世界20か国のクライアントにソリューションを展開しています。 Critizrは、店員がお客様とつながることができれば良いことが起こるという強い信念を持って2012年に誕生しました。長期的な良好な関係を築くために、店舗と顧客をつなぐソリューションを構築し、顧客へのこだわりの文化を作り上げました。



Our Values Invlude:
●人間中新世/Human- Centricity 

You will first oversee the deployment of our solution for our first customer in Japan, Domino’s, then you will be leading Critizr’ growth in Japan, and in the future participate in the Asia region expansion. 

【任せる仕事/Job Description】
The Senior Account Manager will be responsible for :

  • ドミノとの業務の円滑な開始とその後の運用の成功に導く。                Ensuring a smooth start and then a successful growth of operations with Dominos
  • ドミノのビジネスケースを活用して、日本の新規顧客を迅速に獲得し、開拓する
    Leveraging Domino’s business case to fast gain and develop new Japanese customers
  • お客様の組織とビジネス上の課題を深く理解し、成功を収め、お客様の夢中になれるよう支援します。
    Gaining a deep understanding of our customers’ organisation and their business challenges to deliver success and help them become customer obsessed. You will recommend possible adaptations to Critizr approach and business platform to best fit the Japanese customers and improve differentiation
  • リスクを軽減し、クライアントの満足度を高めるために、特定、文書化(ヘルススコア、成熟度、採用レベルなど)し、複数のチームと協力してクライアントのヘルスを管理します
    Managing client health by identifying, documenting (health score, maturity and adoption levels,…) and working with multiple teams to mitigate risk and increase client satisfaction
  • 日本で収益の成長を主導し、推進する–地域で拡大する前に、CritizrのビジネスKPIへの影響を、特定した見込み客に紹介します。
    Leading and driving the revenue growth in Japan – before expanding in the region, by showcasing Critizr’ impact on business KPIs to prospects you will have identified. Goal will be to fast reach break-even at country level
  • Critizrを代表し、日本でのビジネスイベントで、そしておそらく後でAsiaPac地域でCritizrの影響を紹介します。
    Representing Critizr and showcasing Critizr’ impact at business events in Japan, and then maybe later in the AsiaPac region. You will build customer Champions with key business stakeholders with the aim to deliver case studies and success stories to fuel growth and business development 
  • 顧客の執着に向けたクライアントの変革を教育、指導、サポートする地域の戦略アドバイザーになり、CritizrをAsiaPac全体の顧客の執着のリーダーとして確立し、プラットフォームに価値をもたらす新しい見込み客のパイプラインを構築するのを支援します。
    Becoming a Strategic Advisor in the region in educating, guiding, and supporting our clients transformation towards customer obsession and helping establish Critizr as the leader in Customer Obsession across AsiaPac and build a pipeline of new prospects that will see value in our platform

General Requirements

Minimum Experience Level Over 6 years
Career Level Mid Career
Minimum English Level Business Level (Amount Used: English usage about 75%)
Minimum Japanese Level Business Level
Minimum Education Level Bachelor's Degree
Visa Status Permission to work in Japan required

Required Skills

Education: Bachelor'S Degree
Japanese Level: Fluent
English Level: Business Level 

8年以上同様の経験/8 Years or more experience in the same field

【必要なスキル/Required Skills】

  • アカウント管理に関する豊富な経験と、収益の成長と維持に対する強い関心、理想的にはアジアの別のSaaSまたはeコマース/小売プラットフォーム
    Significant experience with account management and a strong attention to revenue growth and retention, ideally with another SaaS or e-commerce/retail platform in Asia
  • 市場に出ていることで、顧客ポートフォリオを超えて市場での成長を促進するために活用できるビジネス関係者の強固なネットワークを長年にわたって構築してきました。
    Being in-market, you have built along the years a solid network of business stakeholders that you can leverage to drive growth in-market beyond your customers portfolio
  • 定義されたアカウント管理戦略と方法論を通じて、複数の戦略的アカウントを同時に効率的に管理および拡大する能力を実証する
    Demonstrate ability to manage and grow multiple strategic accounts concurrently and efficiently through defined account management strategy and methodology
  • 日本人または日本のビジネス慣行を深く理解している外国人は、契約書の草案作成と交渉の能力を含む、英語(および日本語)での優れた口頭および書面によるコミュニケーションスキルを示します。英語で少なくともC1レベルを持っている必要があります。
    Native Japanese or a foreigner with deep understanding of Japan business practice, you demonstrate outstanding oral and written communication skills in English (and Japanese), that include the ability to draft and negotiate contracts: you have at least a C1-level in English
  • カスタマーエクスペリエンス/マーケティング/ Eコマースプログラム管理の経験preferredBachelorの学位と、Fortune1000クライアントを管理するクライアントサービスまたはアカウント管理の役割での最低8年の実務経験
    Customer Experience/Marketing/E-commerce program management experience preferredBachelor’s degree and a minimum of 8 years of work experience in a client services or account management role managing Fortune 1000 clients

■■ 勤務条件 ■■
【給与条件】 年収:1000万円 〜 1200万円/10Million ~12 Million yen

【待遇・福利厚生・諸手当/Benefits and Allowances】
・交通費全額⽀給/All transportation expenses paid 
・時間外手当/Overtime allowance 

・年間休⽇20⽇/20 days off per year
・完全週休2⽇制(⼟・⽇)/Full weekends off (Saturday and Sunday)  
・祝⽇/National holidays 
・年末年始休暇/New Year vacations
・有給休暇 ※取得率は100%です/Paid vacations *100% of employees take paid vacations.  
・慶弔休暇/Congratulation or condolence leave  
・産前産後休暇/Leave before and after childbirth  
・育児休暇/Childcare leave 

Job Location

  • Tokyo - 23 Wards

Work Conditions

Job Type Permanent Full-time
Salary 10 million yen ~ 12 million yen
Work Hours 9:00~18:00(休憩1時間/1 hour break)
Holidays ●年間休⽇20⽇ ●完全週休2⽇制(⼟・⽇) ●祝⽇ ●年末年始休暇 ●有給休暇 ※取得率は100%です ●慶弔休暇
Hiring Company Information

Critizr SAS

Senior Account Manager Job Information | Work in Japan · Jobs with International Companies · Jobs that Use English · CareerCross

Company Details

Company Type International Company

Company Description

We believe that stores should be digitally connected to their customers

We were born in 2012 with the strong belief that if store staff could be connected to their customers good things would happen. They would understand them better. They would create better, longer-lasting relationships with them. The store would become a window into the brand that is more personal, more local and more human.
So we built a solution to do just that. A solution designed to connect the stores to their customers to create a culture of customer-obsession.

Our solution empowers customers to start conversations with their stores, be it about an inquiry, a compliment, a piece of feedback, a suggestion.
Stores managers can then exchange with their customers regardless of the channel that they use.
The HQ teams get access to rich, actionable insights across their entire network of points of sale. And everyone gets to understand the customers, with their local nuances.

Today, our teams of passionate professionals work with hundreds of Europe’s top consumer businesses.
We are expanding internationally and are always looking for people who share our passion to join us.