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Job ID : 1198883 Date Updated : October 14th, 2021


Hiring Company Musashi International School Tokyo
Location Tokyo - Other Areas, Mitaka-shi
Job Type Part-time
Salary Based on hourly rate

Work Style

Casual Clothing Side Business Ok Minimal Overtime Flex Time

Job Description


General Requirements

Minimum Experience Level Over 3 years
Career Level Mid Career
Minimum English Level Daily Conversation (Amount Used: English usage about 50%)
Minimum Japanese Level Daily Conversation
Other Language Chinese (Mandarin) - Business Level
Minimum Education Level Bachelor's Degree
Visa Status Permission to work in Japan required

Required Skills


Job Location

  • Tokyo - Other Areas, Mitaka-shi
  • Chuo Line Local (Mitaka-Ochanomizu), Mitaka Station

Work Conditions

Job Type Part-time
Salary Based on hourly rate
Hourly Rate 3000
Work Hours 8:00-12:00 or 15:30-16:30
Holidays Sunday, National Holidays, depending on the position
Hiring Company Information

Musashi International School Tokyo

パート:中国語(北京語)教師(時給2,000円~)週2日程度の勤務 Job Information | Work in Japan · Jobs with International Companies · Jobs that Use English · CareerCross

Company Description


2002年に設立された東京都三鷹市にあるMusashi International School Tokyo(MIST)は、日本でまだ4校しかない、小学校から高校に至るまでケンブリッジ国際認定を受けているケンブリッジ国際認定一貫校です。
2歳~5歳の幼児部は、Early Years Foundation Stageに戻づき、プレイベースとアカデミックを組み合わせた100%英語でのプリスクールカリキュラムを実施しています。

School Mission Statement
Musashi International School Tokyoは、大志を持ち、生涯にわたり学び続ける人を育むため、多面的で国際的な教育を提供することを約束する教育機関です。
学校のモットー: “Nothing is impossible.”


  • 革新的な幼児部~高等部一貫校


  • ケンブリッジ大学国際教育機構公式認定校


  • 良心的な授業料で高品質な国際教育を提供



  • 幼児部

MISTの幼児部は、Ruby Angels(2歳児)、Junior Kinder(年少)、Senior Kinder(年中)の3学年です。日本で言う年長生は、Cambridge Primary(小学部)のYear 1になります。
プログラムは、どの子どもも人生において最良のスタートを切り、持てる能力のすべてを発揮できるよう設計された、Early Years Foundation Stageをベースにしています。

  • 初等部

世界中の最良のカリキュラムを組み合わせて、学術分野とライフスキルのバランスのとれた教育を実現します。Year 1(1年生)からYear 4(4年生)までの生徒は、放課後に宿題を先生のサポートのもと、学校内で終えることができるホームワークサポートタイムがあります。

  • 中等部

中等部のカリキュラムは、ケンブリッジ国際のセカンダリー認定校として、規定された推奨事項と承認された教科書に基づいています。英語、算数、サイエンス、ICT、Global Perspectivesの5分野をコアとし、アート・音楽・日本語・中国語・体育など様々な科目があります。

  • 高等部

高等部はUpper Secondary(10、11年生。日本の中3、高1相当)とAdvanced(12、13年生、日本の高2、高3相当)に分かれています。
Upper Secondary修了後の生徒はIGCSE試験を受け、Advancedは国際 Aレベル試験を受けます。



  • TOEFLやSATのような標準化テスト準備の支援
  • 大学訪問の支援
  • 学生のニーズに基づいて、大学の選択と適性に関する評価とアドバイスの提供。
  • 心理カウンセリング
  • 学生の入学申請書ドラフトに対する修正および提案。
  • 大学生活と職業選択のアドバイス

Established in 2002, Musashi Interantional School Tokyo (MIST), located in Mitaka, Tokyo, is one of the only four international schools in Japan that offer the Cambridge International programmes at both primary and secondary levels.

The kindergarten division for ages 2-5 uses a preschool curriculum in English based on the Early Years Foundation Stage in which academics and play based learning are mixed.
We are committed to providing a high quality international education with reasonable tuition fees to nurture ambitious and life-long learners.

School Mission Statement
Musashi Interantional School Tokyo is an educational institution that is committed to providing a multifaceted and an international education, to nurture students to be ambitious and life-long learners.
School motto: "Nothing is impossible."


  • An innovative K-12 school

MIST is a Cambridge International registered  K-12 integrated school from 2 year-old kindergarten to high school founded in 2002. While emphasising on bilingual +α education (including Japanese language classes using textbooks used at local schools and Chinese language classes as mandatory language courses), STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics), and critical thinking skills, we nurture global-minded persons who are able to take an active part in this 21st century.

  • Cambridge International registered 

Cambridge International is the world’s largest international education institution with a history of over 150 years and more than 10,000 accredited schools in 160 countries around the world. Our students are provided with a high quality curriculum developed by this institution. Moreover, by taking the Cambridge International standard examinations, IGCSE and A level, which can be taken at our school, we provide the pathway to enter top-notch universities in Japan and the world.

  • High quality but reasonable fee

In general, international schools have rather high tuition fees which limit the number of families who can afford to join. On the other hand, MIST was established with the desire to provide high quality international education at a more affordable tuition fee level. By reducing the facilities expenses, we have successfully been able to reduce the tuition fees to about 60% compared to that of other international schools.


  • Kindergarten

Age: 2-5 years old 
There are three levels In Kindergarten at MIST, Ruby Angels for 2 years old, Junior Kinder which corresponds to Nensho in Japan, and Senior Kinder which corresponds to Nencyu in Japan. Nencho in Japan corresponds to Year 1 in Elementary of Cambridge Primary.
The program is based on the Early Years Foundation Stage which is designed in order for all children to have the best start in their life and be capable of demonstrating all of their possible abilities.

  • Elementary School

Age: 5-11 years old
The best curricula from around the world are blended together to bring the best balance of education in academic and life skills. At the end of the school day, there is a teacher-assisted Homework Support Time for Year 1 (starting from April) ~Year 4 students to complete their assignments at school.
To empower students with multilingual communication skills, Japanese is mandatory and follows the content prescribed by the Mitaka Board of Education.

  • Middle School

Age: 11-14 years old
The Middle School curriculum is based upon the recommendations and endorsed textbooks as prescribed by the Cambridge International as an accredited secondary school. The programme offers not only the five core subjects including English, Mathematics, Science, ICT and Cambridge Global Perspectives, but also other subjects such as Art, Music, Japanese, Chinese, and P.E.. At the end of the programme, students take the Checkpoint tests that provide feedback on learners’ strengths and weaknesses.

  • High School

Age: 14-18 years old
The High School is divided into the Upper Secondary Programme and the Advanced Programme.
The Upper Secondary Programme covers Year 10 and 11 (which corresponds to 3rd year in Junior High and 1st year in Senior High school in Japan respectively); while the Advanced Programme covers Year 12 and 13 (which corresponds to 2nd and 3rd year in Senior High in Japan respectively).


  • Cambridge International

The Middle School and High School of MIST are registered by Cambridge Assessment International Education (hereinafter referred to as Cambridge International). In Japan, only a handful of schools managed to obtain registered from Cambridge International successfully.

Support Programs
The Academic Counseling Department of MIST supports students’ university applications in various ways, including:

  • Assisting students in preparing for standardized tests such as the TOEFL and SAT;
  • Arranging for universtities’ school visits;
  • Providing assessments and mentoring regarding choice of universities and probable good fits based upon the needs of the student;
  • Arranging for suitable personality testing;
  • Revising, correcting and suggesting modifications to the student applications;
  • Advising on the suitable career options for university life.