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Job ID : 1174636 Date Updated : March 30th, 2023

海外営業 (電子・5G・EV産業などの資材)/English Speaker/外国籍多数在籍

Hiring Company Tex Technology Inc.
Location Tokyo - 23 Wards, Chiyoda-ku
Job Type Permanent Full-time
Salary 4 million yen ~ Negotiable, based on experience

Work Style

Flex Time

Job Description





  • 海外現地企業への営業及び導入サポート
  • 納期管理
  • 海外マーケット調査
  • 販売促進活動
  • 銅箔生産に関わるコンサルティング



General Requirements

Minimum Experience Level No experience
Career Level Entry Level
Minimum English Level Business Level (Amount Used: English usage about 50%)
Minimum Japanese Level Business Level
最低、2言語(日本語+α言語 ビジネスレベル以上)。トリリンガル歓迎!
Minimum Education Level High-School or Below
Visa Status Permission to work in Japan required

Required Skills


  • 語学力:英語ビジネスレベル、日本語ビジネスレベル
  • 年齢・学歴不問
  • 職務経験・業界経験不問


  • 機械設備・工場設備などの図面が理解できる。
  • 法人営業経験、営業アシスタント経験
  • 貿易関係の職務経験
  • 語学力:韓国語、中国語


【雇用形態】正社員 試用期間:3ヶ月

  • 月給制
  • 想定年収:400万円~(月収:25万円~) ※月10時間のみなし時間外手当を含む
  • 賞与:年3回(7月、12月、3月)
  • 昇給:年1回
  • 年収例  
  • ①600万円/20代:営業職:経験1年(月給27万円×12ヶ月+賞与+手当)
  • ②1,000万円/30代:営業職:経験7年(月給46万円×12カ月+賞与+手当)

【勤務地】東京都千代田区神田和泉町1-1-16 KONKOビル6階

  • アクセス:JR総武線「秋葉原駅」から徒歩3分
  • 転勤・出向:無し

【就業時間】 9:00~18:00

  • フレックスタイム制
  • コアタイム10:00〜16:00
  • 休憩時間60分
  • 残業:月0時間~10時間程度


  • 有給休暇 初年度10日(7か月目~)
  • 土、日、祝日
  • 夏季休暇
  • 年末年始休暇


  • 残業代
  • 出張手当
  • 各種社会保険:健康保険、厚生年金、雇用保険、労災保険
  • その他 ベネフィットステーション、Fitbit貸与、資格取得支援、オフィスでやさい、オフィスおかん

Job Location

  • Tokyo - 23 Wards, Chiyoda-ku
  • Sobu Line Local (Mitaka-Ichikawa-Chiba), Akihabara Station

Work Conditions

Job Type Permanent Full-time
Salary 4 million yen ~ Negotiable, based on experience
Holidays 完全週休2日制(土・日)、祝日、夏季休暇、年末年始休暇 等
Industry Specialized Import, Export

Job Category

  • Sales > Other (Sales)
  • Sales > B2B Sales
  • Sales > Inside Sales
  • Electronics and Semiconductor Technology > Other (Electronics and Semiconductor Technology)
  • Machinery and Automobile Technology > Architect, Development Engineer
Hiring Company Information

Tex Technology Inc.

海外営業 (電子・5G・EV産業などの資材)/English Speaker/外国籍多数在籍 Job Information | Work in Japan · Jobs with International Companies · Jobs that Use English · CareerCross

Company Details

Company Type Small/Medium Company (300 employees or less)
Non-Japanese Ratio Majority Non-Japanese

Company Description

As the leading company in Japan
Tex Technology is a group of professionals leading the copper foil manufacturing industry in Japan.

We comprehensively possess the know-how of copper foil manufacturing, ranging from all the equipments required to manufacture copper foil such as titanium electrodeposited drums, foil making machines and surface treating machines, to electrolytic solutions, additives as well as technical consulting for not only product quality improvement but RD field as well. We provide our wide array of customers including investors, copper foil manufacturers and copper foil users our know-how along with the abundant insight and market information accumulated over the years.

Business Introduction
The sales of manufacturing equipment for high-grade rolled copper foil and electrolytic copper foil which are indispensables for the recent electronic industry and its peripheral products as well as various consulting services.

Copper foil is an indispensable material in the current electronic industry. As a result of the recent rapid technology innovation, higher grade copper foil is under high demand in various areas of the electronic industries. For example, conductive material for circuit boards, current collector for lithium-ion batteries and shielding material for displays.
In the recent years, electric cars are especially under the spotlight given many countries’ shift to clean energy from traditional energy. The demand of copper foil is rapidly increasing given that it is used in the lithium-ion battery which is one of the most important components of electric cars.

  • Electrodeposited Copper Foil Manufacturing Equipment
  • Production Process of Electrodeposited Copper Foil
  • Application of Electrodeposited Copper Foil
  • Cathode Drum
  • Anode Plate/Bath and Other Copper Foil Manufacturing Equipment
  • Surface Treater

Tex Technology offers not only just supplies technology for products and equipments but also offers consulting service that coherently supports from development and manufacturing all the way to market development.

As a leading company in the industry that has been active in the front lines for many years, we offer optimized advice to wide array of client needs, for example market conditions such as current market demand, assistance in manufacturing even higher quality products or assistance in procuring copper foil which has been under consistent shortage.