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Job ID : 1034550 Date Updated : October 14th, 2021

Deputy Hotel Manager of a Super Hotel – Manage one location Exclusive job

Location Available across Japan
Job Type Permanent Full-time
Salary 5.5 million yen ~ 6 million yen

Job Description

The following position for a Super Hotel Owner welcomes non-Japanese applicants; however, the successful applicant must have Native-Level Japanese (JLPT N1) and have JPs partner will be considered for this position. 

・ 電話やPCなどでの予約受付・チェックイン業務・朝食給仕等の接客
6:30〜10:00 朝食業務
10:00〜12:00 売上集計・入金業務・清掃指示
12:00〜15:00 昼食・休憩
15:00〜24:00 予約受付・チェックイン業務

As a manager and deputy manager of a super hotel, you will be in charge of operating one hotel.
Pre-training and full-time SV support for practical work and operations are also available.
You can take on the challenge with confidence even if you are inexperienced.
【Business description】
General operation of super hotels
・ Reservation reception by telephone, PC, check-in service, customer service such as breakfast service
・ Simple accounting work
・ Recruitment / development / management of part-time staff
* Contractors are responsible for cleaning guest rooms and changing linens.

<1 day flow (example)>
6:30 to 10:00 Breakfast
10: 00-12: 00 Sales totals, payment operations, cleaning instructions
12: 00-15: 00 Lunch / break
15: 00-24: 00 Reservation reception / check-in service
* It is possible to change the working hours by coordinating a part-time job while consulting with SV at any time.
* After the check-in, customers will receive inquiries from the Super Hotel's nighttime response center.
【About business consignment contract】
Signs a contract with Super Hotel as a sole proprietor.
The period is 4 years.
After the contract expires, you can choose from the following according to your dream of the future.
① Re-contract (10th year active person)
② Opened with the rewards and management know-how obtained (business categories such as general stores and restaurants other than hotels vary)
③ Career formation as a staff member of the headquarters
④ General manager of overseas stores
⑤ Conclude a contract as a corporation

1. 男女ペアであること(夫婦・友人・親戚 等で同居可能なことが条件)
2. PC操作ができること(目安:ローマ字入力で3分間に140文字以上のタイピング、エクセルの簡単な操作) と一般常識
3. 全国のいずれの地でも就業が可能なこと
4. ホテル内の1LDKに住み込み勤務が可能なこと

【Qualification requirements】
Those who meet all of the following
1. Being a man and woman pair (provided that they can live together as a couple, friend, relative, etc.)
2. Able to operate PC (approximate: Typing more than 140 characters in 3 minutes by entering Roman characters, simple operation of Excel) and general common sense
3. Employment is possible anywhere in the country
Grooves Inc. (Demo account for customers)
4. Being able to live and work in 1LDK in the hotel
・ English level: Business level or higher
5. Foreigners can apply, must have Japanese partner
・ Japanese level: Native level (N1 equivalent)

全国各地のホテル ※勤務地選択不可

1100 万円 〜 1200 万円(2人分)
初年度: 1,100万円+奨励金
2年目 :1,150万円+奨励金
3年目 :1,200万円+奨励金
4年目 :1,200万円+奨励金+業績報奨金、以降同様
※アルバイト補助費用を含む(部屋数や着任エリアに応じて変動 ※弊社最低基準:28万円〜/月)
※奨励金はライセンス制度(年2回)、他インセンティブ等 ※変更の可能性あり

【Work location】
Hotels around the country
* Workplace selection not possible

11 million yen to 12 million yen (for two people)
* Starting the business consignment contract will start from the first day of arriving at the consignment store after completing the training.
[Reward amount guideline]
First year: 11 million yen + incentive
Second year: 11.5 million yen + incentive
Third year: 12 million yen + incentive
4th year: 12 million yen + incentives + performance rewards, and so on
* Amount of money for 2 people
* Including part-time job assistance fee (varies depending on the number of rooms and the area of arrival) Our minimum standard: 280,000 yen / month
* Incentives are license system (twice a year), other incentives, etc. * Subject to change
* Please inquire for details
[In-Hotel award system / twice a year]


・ホテル内に2人で1室1LDKの住居を完備 ※家賃・水道光熱費は同社負担
(研修は50日間、期間中の旅費・宿泊費は同社負担 ※研修費研修終了日から約1ヶ月後のお支払い)

【Treatment and benefits】
・ 2 people in a hotel have 1LDK per room.
※ The rent and water and utility costs are borne by the company.
・ Pay 8,000 yen per person per day during the training period
(50 days for training, travel expenses and accommodation expenses will be borne by the company during the training period
* Training cost Payment about one month after the training end date)
・ The cost of moving to the new hotel will be borne by the manager / deputy manager.


【Holiday vacation】
Based on the standard shift, decide the operation shift by yourself

☆☆☆Visa Support Available☆☆☆

General Requirements

Minimum Experience Level Over 3 years
Career Level Mid Career
Minimum English Level Fluent
Minimum Japanese Level Fluent
Minimum Education Level High-School or Below
Visa Status Permission to work in Japan required

Job Location

  • Available across Japan

Work Conditions

Job Type Permanent Full-time
Salary 5.5 million yen ~ 6 million yen
Recruiter Company Information


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