Bidalgo - Feature Company

Working at Bidalgo

Bidalgo was born over a decade ago, created by marketing technology pioneers who recognized an opportunity in the monumental shift towards mobile and social.  That opportunity: data-driven decision-making and optimization tools for mobile marketers.

Out of that initial set of tools grew an  advanced marketing platform, powered by mature algorithms and used by some of the largest online advertisers in the world.

Bidalgo, which has no outside investors, is profitable and growing.

We’re proud to be marketing partners with Apple Search, Google, Facebook and many others.

Work-Life Balance

We want you to feel at home here, but we know it's not your home - so don't spend nights and holidays at work. Also, we wouldn't ask you to come in sick.

•Flexible hours


Don't be shy, ask questions, your opinion matters and your boss isn't always right. We need you to speak your mind, it makes us better.

•Relaxed work atmosphere
•Community involvement
•Hand on the wellness pulse of the company


To remain successful, we constantly need to find creative solutions for complex issues. And that requires keeping a creative mindset. From music room at our HQ, to hackathons and competitions - we foster and embrace creativity.

Internal Mobility

There's a lot of room for development and growth within Bidalgo. We strive to promote internally, and are willing to let employees move teams and transfer between sites when a position they fit becomes available.