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The MLC Group - Feature Company

The MLC Group is a team of driven individuals.

The firm was established to create a work environment of Meliority; the state of being `better`. Continuous improvement

Both employees and stakeholders in MLC are passionate about being better; helping companies to secure higher quality candidates and candidates to have more rewarding lives for themselves and their families.

This is why in only a short period of time, MLC has already achieved a high number of success stories. This in turn has established a solid foundation for continued future rapid growth.

Consultants with MLC can expect to achieve both personal and professional success that exceeds industry peers.

At MLC, we partner with clients for the long term.

We deem it our responsibility to challenge our clients objectively on the numerous variables that impact on the recruitment process.
Through genuine and objective discussion we help clients achieve the best outcomes in terms of human capital selection.
This ensures our clients accomplish their goals.


We take the same approach with candidates.

Consultants rigorously challenge candidates to ensure their career decisions are objective and meet their life goals.
We ensure our candidates are fully committed to change and to our clients.

A trust-based relationship builds over time.
When a candidate is ready to move, and when the opportunity is right, we introduce to our clients.