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応募企業の選定のアドバイスから、職務経歴書(英文Resume)の作成サポートや面接トレーニングまで、様々なご要望に対応させて頂きます。 あなたの転職活動に必ずお役に立ちます。





東京人財ソリューションは、"Your Best Partner"として、サービスをご提供致します。

Tokyo HT Solution produce the best matching as Your Best Partner !

--- The Recruiting Company as a bridge between Clients and Candidates ---

Modern Top Managements know their employees are Human Treasures, not Human Resources. 

At the present day when Japanese Economy has low growth and Japanese companies face severe global competition, it is mandatory for Companies to have better Human Treasures to create higher profit through effective and creative works with limited human resources.

We, Tokyo HT Solution focus on Electric, Electronics, Semiconductor, IT, Telecommunication and Software industries. Our consultants are very professional as they used to be experts in each industry and field.

They hear Clients’ needs and requirements carefully, then will search and introduce you real Human Treasures that you really need to realize best matching.