Anshin Finance Co, Ltd. - Feature Company

We have strong operation support and Multicultural Work Environment!
Anshin finance will be supported by our cooperation company which is the largest on-line consumer finance service company located in South east Asia. 

We will provide below supporting:


All the necessary information regarding the funds raising project every month.


All the APPs or Webpages will be developed and maintained by them, with the assistance of Japanese management team.

Business Operation:

In addition to the Japanese Management Team, They will organize a local business team.

Digital Marketing:

Also use existing and develop new sources to promote the digital marketing.

Our greatest strength comes from our people with a multitude of backgrounds and experiences, all work together to make “anshin” true to its mission, bring together the best bilingual professionals in Japan with the most professional companies. In our company, we have perfect legal team and product research and development team that all can speak above two languages. If you are interested to financial technology and want to working in a multicultural work environment, please join us.