Adept Group Inc. - Feature Company

Please give us a brief description of your company, business and key services.

Adept Group is a human capital consultancy firm that Partners with dynamic start-up and developing companies in the global Information Technology market. These companies have significant product advantages and are considered to be market leaders in their field.

On the candidate side, Adept Group seeks mainly “New Economy” candidates. These people are leaders in their field with strong bilingual, bicultural backgrounds who have made the commitment to develop solid career paths and strive to stand out above their competition.

Adept Consultants are long term residents of Japan who are culturally sensitive, bilingual and “adept” at the intricacies of business in Japan.

Ultimately, Adept Group strives to be “the one” recruiting firm for your company to rely upon to succeed in the market here. We aim to get to know the “ins and outs” of your business, and by fully understanding these complexities, identify and approach the correct candidate for your needs, creating a hire that will last.

What differentiates you from your competitors?

We offer a differentiated service to our clients. Adept Group has been set up with internal systems that allow consultants to devote more time to each client than competitor firms. We operate in a niche market and offer the in-depth consulting needed by companies in the start-up stage. We also focus in gaining and giving feedback to candidates in the shortest time possible. We act selflessly and put people first.


What types of companies make up your client base? Do you focus on a particular industry?

We focus almost 80% in the Information Technology area working with companies in their start-up or post start-up stages. We also have strong relationships with some larger IT companies and work with these companies due to a relationship that has been built over time. We relish the challenge of working with clients who have a powerful technology or lead in the market.

What type of people are your clients looking for?

Our clients rely upon us to seek out the leaders in the industry who have strong bilingual bicultural backgrounds and who can lead the company to success in the Japanese market while working smoothly with overseas management.

Any words of wisdom for those seeking new employment or interviews tips?

Jobs are steps to your ultimate goal. Management of your career is the most crucial aspect of your career life. Work with a professional who can make this process easier for you. Find a career consultant you trust and stay in touch with this person even when you are not open to looking to change your position. Remain open-minded.