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Emerge 360 Japan K.K. - bilingual professionals for internationally minded companies

Our expert recruiters have extensive networks and relationships with the world’s best. 
These services will make you nimble in a gig economy (a labor market characterized by the prevalence of short-term contractors or freelance workers)

Direct placement
We are a collection of people who care deeply about our clients, family, friends and co-workers. Working together to solve our clients’ Consulting, Staffing and Managed Services needs is what drives us to work in the morning, powers us through hectic travel and keeps the wide smiles on our faces every day.

Contract—We are experts at identifying, referring and retaining great talent for a flexible contract workforce

Contingent—Flex your workforce to meet demand by using freelancers, independent professionals or consultants

Temp to perm—You can opt to hire new employees on a temporary-to-permanent basis instead of diving right in to direct hire to ‘test the waters’

Staffing—Our teams provide resources to augment your permanent staff. We provide the right talent for your culture that is committed to your project and schedule

Please visit our office and discuss.

Triple bottom line

We endeavour to reduce our ecological footprint by minimizing the use of office consumables, managing energy consumption and recycling to the extent possible.
On the community side, we encourage and support our staff to participate in charity and CSR activities – this goes well beyond the usual “fun runs” for our team is involved in long term sustainable work with the world’s extremely poor in locations such as Myanmar, Cambodia and the Sudan.

2020: SAS CARE for charity support
2019: TELL Tokyo Tower Climb
2019: HOPE Charity Dinner
2018: International Youth Ice Hockey Tournament (Sponsorship)
2017: KIWL GoGo 55km event
2017: SOUND MIND, SOUND BODY 第18回TELLチャリティ・ラナソン10km大会
2017: Tokyo Yamathon 東京ヤマソン 2017
2017: Green Power Hike in HK
2017: Tokyo Marathon
2016: Honululu Marathon
2016: KIWL 10km Charity Run
2016: Oxfam Trail Walker 50Km オックスファム・トレイルウォーカー東北 2016 (4位)
2016: Tokyo Yamathon 東京ヤマソン 2016
2015: HOPE ホープ・チャリティーディナー
2015: Oxfam Trail Walker 50Km オックスファム・トレイルウォーカー東北 2015
2015: Tokyo Yamathon 東京ヤマソン 2015

The Emerge team is here to help you on your new path. Our team of consultants have excellent experience in the market and look forward to working with you. When you meet with Emerge you can expect a confidential and informed discussion about your career and opportunities, advice on your resume and the inside path to the latest market information and the best job for you.

Looking for that next great career opportunity? Emerge works with international companies throughout Asia providing Managed and Staffing Services for outstanding people.

At the end of a day we wish to feel proud about what we achieve and how we achieved it. To guide us, we adhere to four WAYS: - 


We work to develop great people, which in turn allows us to consistently deliver a high level of service.


We take responsibility for what we do and for improving how we do it.


We seek to serve others as we wish to be treated thereby building respect and long-term relationships.


We acknowledge that our endeavours have externalities and therefore measure our performance not just in Profitability but also in the areas of People and Planet. We are a Triple Bottom Line company.

We specialize in recruiting highly talented, top-performing professionals for international companies

Behind any great company is a team of great people who work together to create success. Helping companies put together and develop winning teams is what Emerge does. As an Asian company we place particular emphasis on integrity and developing lasting relationships, with our clients, with our candidates and with our staff.

Our team brings a unique mix of client and industry experience. These include: financial services, IT, staffing services, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, telecommunications, accounting, healthcare, military and hospitality. On the development side, we’ll let the numbers speak for themselves.