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Who we are

RGF Professional Recruitment Japan is a member of the RGF Group (Recruit Global Family) and a division of Recruit Agent. The parent company is Recruit Co., Ltd., Japan’s largest recruiting and information services business with annual revenues of approximately US$10 billion

The Recruit Group is comprehensively involved in the management of job vacancy websites and publication of job-search magazines, human resources education, etc. In each of these areas we have a profound expertise, and with the synergy between these areas we increase our value as a recruitment business with thought leadership.

Within this group, RECRUIT AGENT is developing the business of human resources introductions, and of providing support for job seekers. We are Japan’s #1 organization in our field. RECRUIT AGENT’s presence in Asia is expanding with our growing presence in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand.

RGF Professional Recruitment Japan focuses on bilingual professionals from a functional perspective across all industries with core strengths in middle management and below. We specialize in Technology (general & industry specific) | Finance & Accounting | Sales & Marketing | Human Resources & General Affairs | Life Sciences.

*RGF is a global brand of RECRUIT Japan

Global Office Locations

  • Japan: Tokyo
  • China: Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Dalian, Guanzhou, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzen, Suzhou, Tianjin
  • India: Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi
  • Indonesia: Jakarta
  • Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur
  • Philippines: Manila
  • Singapore: Singapore
  • Taiwan: Taipei
  • Thailand: Bangkok
  • Vietnam: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City

Our process


Why did we call you?


◇ We support global and professional personnel seeking a new career.
Our company, RGF Professional Recruitment Japan, is a recruit service group with both domestic and global networks. Our specialty is in supporting career changes by candidates who play an active role as global professionals.

Our experienced consultants have established a network with senior executives and front-line managers across a wide range of industries. Through this extensive network, we determined that you meet our client’s requirements and can play an active role in the field. That is why we have contacted you today.

◇ It is possible to offer positions directly from among the industry’s largest network and through top management.
We would like to introduce you to positions that meet your particular needs, and include those drawn from the industry’s largest domestic and global networks accessible to our recruit group, along with strictly confidential positions provided to us by top management.

◇ Interviewing with a consultant knowledgeable about the industry and profession you seek is an investment in your career.
Rest assured, we contact only those candidates who have experience required by our clients. Now you can evaluate your market value objectively.Please be sure to visit our offices to meet with our consultants and talk about your career. After all, it might open doors to long-awaited future possibilities. Even if you are not interested in a career change right now, you are welcomed to discuss with our consultants about your career, and hear firsthand about their experience and information on your choice of industry.