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Ipsos in Japan

Company Description

Ipsos in Japan is the Japanese branch of the Ipsos group, the world’s third largest marketing research company. The Ipsos group is headquartered in Paris and has branches around the world in 89 countries, including Japan.

Ipsos in Japan consists of 2 Ipsos group companies.

- Ipsos K.K.
- Ipsos Healthcare Japan Ltd.


3 Reasons for Choosing Ipsos Service

1. Ipsos has insights about consumers and community

The original research model by Ipsos, which is based on social/psychological theory, provides clear information about the expectation, motivation, and intention of consumers. Clients can gain a clear understanding of markets, consumers, and the general public through the information we provide.

2. We have a close partnership with our clients.

In order to solve client’s various issues, we form special partnerships between our clients and our research workforce We at Ipsos consider our close relationships with our clients to be of the utmost significance.

3. Ipsos is a professional independent research corporation, which is developed by focusing on survey based research.

Because of its specialized capabilities, Ipsos is known not just as a simple research service, but as a research-based consulting service, that is proven by many of our leading clients around the world.


【Ipsos K.K.】

As our clients’ strategic partner, we believe our mission is to provide consumer and market insights to our clients in order to help them succeed. As a result, we build close, enduring relationships with our clients and fulfill our vision of being a proud company.

Unlike private equity or large holding companies, our company is an independent, skilled, global research company managed by research professionals. Our experts offer differentiated services by specializing in five areas:

  1. Ipsos Marketing
  2. Ipsos ASI
  3. Ipsos Loyalty
  4. Ipsos Media CT
  5. Ipsos Public Affairs

【Ipsos Healthcare Japan Ltd.】

Ipsos Healthcare is dedicated to understanding the motivations, behavior and influences of the multiple stakeholders driving commercial success in the healthcare industry…

In doing so, we guide pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies in building successful brands and optimizing their sales potential.

A global business division with particular strength in emerging markets, we are 800 healthcare market research experts in 45 countries – offering innovative custom solutions and market-leading syndicated services.

Company Details

Head Office
Main Business
内田 俊一  
Number of Employees
101 - 500  


Main Office
Hulic Kamiyacho Building
4-3-13 Toranomon, Minato-ku
Tokyo, Japan, 1050001