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XG Partners Limited - Company Details

XG Partners Limited

Company Description

XG Partners is Japan's first and Japan-originated global executive search firm, founded in 2023.

Message from CEO, Hatsushi:

It's not about choosing between "earning" or "passion", but the pursuit of ultimate freedom, reward, and Maximizing Agency Value. We aim to become legendary agents.

I have become a leading figure in Japan, within the realms of the financial industry, particuraly investment banking and private equity funds, as a result of my dedication to bringing happiness to people as a consultant. Yet, I realized, "It's still not enough, there are limits as an individual." Recognizing this, I founded our company in 2023 to collectively challenge those limits and make a significant impact. In January 2024, we established our Hong Kong office, with plans for Singapore soon. We will continue expanding our company with this momentum.

Mission: Maximizing Agency Value
In my 20 years of experience in talent acquisition, I've recognized issues within the industry. As the number of recruitment agencies continues to grow, many remain focused on reffering their preferred candidates and job listings. With the rise of AI and direct recruiting, the essence of talent acquisition and our significance are questioned. We aim to elevate the industry and maximize value for hiring companies and candidates by engaging in open discussions among employees and management about the direction we want to take this industry and our work.

Challenging as the Strongest Company with the "Best of Both Worlds"
I've experienced two opposite cultures in recruitment agencies: one resembling a collection of individual shops with high autonomy and profit potential, and the other where colleagues gather to discuss best practices and the future of the industry. Rather than the dichotomy of "earning" or "passion" typical in headhunting, we aim to combine these best aspects. Our goal is for strong employees to strive for personal excellence while also collaborating as a team to maximize value and exchange information. We aim to be the strongest "team" where individual excellence is celebrated, and teamwork prevails, maximizing agency value.

Afeter Enhanced Agency Value, Elevating Japan to the Global Stage
For hiring companies, we aim to introduce the most suitable candidates quickly, understanding their hiring needs and management challenges deeply. For candidates, we offer not just specific job introductions but also a wide range of choices, realizing the ultimate freedom of career choice. We aim to be partners in shaping individuals' careers, enhancing our intermediary value to contribute to elevating Japan's potential globally and contributing to Japan's GDP.

Maximizing Well-being of Our Employees
As recruitment is about people, we prioritize the well-being of our employees, offering ultimate autonomy and top-tier rewards. We strive to be a company where those passionate about talent acquisition can work for a lifetime.

XG Partners aims to create legends as an organization filled with such passion and humanity. As startup members, we seek individuals who resonate with these ideals and can embody them. If you're looking to enhance your market value, be in a growth environment, or earn, you might find other companies suitable. However, if you also recognize the issues in the talent industry and aspire to maximize agency value for more companies and candidates, then our company is ideal. Achieving this while earning requires achievement motivation for unwavering growth. I will do my best to respond to this motivation by directly sharing my know-how.

Let's together challenge maximizing agency value and aim to creat global legendary agents.

<Our 5 Key Features>

[1] <Mission> Commitment to "Maximizing Added Value" for clients and candidates.
What is the added value that customers truly need? What value can you offer compared to other headhunters? To increase successful experiences for everyone, we share best practices collectively.
We wholeheartedly support individuals who innovate and strive to maximize added value.
We aim to become the industry's number one group of headhunters in both name and reality.

[2] <Individual Strength> Enhanced Branding of Affiliated Headhunters
We aim to be recognized as a group of individuals who are personally appointed by name, rather than solely relying on the company's brand. Therefore, our company invests in efforts to enhance the recognition of the headhunters themselves and the job openings they possess. Achieving annual revenue exceeding 100 million yen within six months of establishment, and managing debt-free. Sufficient cash reserves are available.

[3] <Strong collaboration>Not a group of individual entrepreneurs.
All information acquired by each member in their daily activities is registered in our business system and made accessible to all employees. To ensure it doesn't hinder sales activities, we accumulate information with the support of an excellent back-office team, equivalent in number to our consultants, and make it available through a powerful database.

[4] <Maximum Freedom> Full flexibility, no KPI management, and side jobs permitted.
We believe that self-driven headhunters, who aim to demonstrate outstanding added value, do not require micromanagement. All time is yours to use for your clients, colleagues, and yourself.

[5] <The Best Compensation> Attractive rewards including high sales return rates (returning 40-55% of sales) and year-end bonuses based on performance.
We aim for and operate a compensation system in which individuals with the capability to work independently will not feel the need to go independent.In addition to sales incentives, we maintain the highest level of compensation. In order to achieve the "maximization of agency value" that our company aims for, it is essential that you first find happiness. Therefore, it is also important for you to increase sales and earnings.

Company Details

Head Office
Main Business
蓮子 哲也  
Number of Employees
11 - 50  


Main Office
Kishimoto Bld. 7F Marunouchi Palace Front
2-2-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo, Japan, 1000005

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