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Hopejets Consulting Japan - Company Details

Hopejets Consulting Japan

Company Description

To Realize Hope with You


Hopejets Consulting Japan Ltd,. is a management strategy consulting firm headquartered in Hong Kong.We formulate management strategies and conduct innovation and IT (DX) strategies, including offshore projects. We provide a wide range of services to support major and non-major companies that are considering the development of their current businesses or the creation of new businesses in line with the globalization of business.

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Achieve our clients' goals and lead to the realization of a symbiotic society while accelerating the company's global growth and creating continuous innovations.


To become a global Unicorn Professional Service Firm by integrating "Digital Technology".

◆Social Mission
 Contribute to the development of global economy including Japan, China and other Asian countries.
 Contribute to the development of a society in which the environment and economy are in harmony to realize a sustainable society.
Diversity Initiatives
 Hire and educate human resources with respect for individuality, regardless of nationality, gender, age, or background.



Hopejets Consulting provides ‘Hope’ for the recovery of the aviation industry and the spread of business jets, and contribute to helping clients develop their global business regardless of time and space restrictions.
In 2020, under the condition of maintaining social distance and changing remote work to the ‘New Normal’, it is becoming more precious for face-to-face business negotiations, homecoming visits with family and friends. We have the best cost performance in the industry, maximize the relative value of time, and make greatest efforts for our clients' business and customized travel with the best hospitality in the air.
In the aircraft asset investment & management and consulting business services, we also accelerate the economic revitalization of society as a whole with the aim of increasing the value of corporate, individual aircraft assets and businesses.

Social Mission
• Protect nature. Reduce your carbon footprint by reducing your flight time
• Reduce social inequality and offer the industry's lowest business jet lease price. We strive to give everyone the opportunity to use business jets
• Accelerate enterprise innovation and accelerate economic growth, and drive innovation-oriented business management strategies, digital transformation consulting, Provides deployment

Company Details

Head Office
Hong Kong  
Main Business
李 時豪  
Number of Employees
11 - 50  


Main Office
1-3-40 Mita 7th floor, Minato-ku
Tokyo, Japan, 1080073

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