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Liberius Technology Inc. - Company Details

Liberius Technology Inc.

Company Description

Unleash Your Innovation with our Consulting Services
We build mutually beneficial partnerships to create sustainable value for our customers
Liberius Technology

Liberius originates from the 'liberty' in Latin.
We help our customers to unleash their potential and create new source of value with digital technologies.

Design a creative and innovative future beyond conventional models
■Strategy & Transformation Consulting
Transform business operating model by creating new customer value and designing new business capabilities
■Digital consulting
Drive end-to-end digital transformation across business by reinventing the customer value proposition
■"Kaikaku Canvas"Product Service
"Kaikaku Canvas" empowers our clients to unleash the value of digital transformation

Company Details

Head Office
Main Business
●ITシステムの企画、開発、販売及び保守管理 ●企業戦略の立案、企業革新、企業情報システム構築 ●自社テクノロジープロダクトの開発及びサービス提供●各種データ予測分析サービス業●各種コンサルティング業務 ●各種セミナー、イベント等の企画、開催、運営及び管理  
永光 弘幸  


Main Office
THE E.A.S.T. Nihonbashi-Tomizawacho
9-4 Nihonbashi-Tomizawacho, Chuo-ku
Tokyo, Japan, 1030006

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