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Widsley Inc. - Company Details

Widsley Inc.

Company Description

Our company is a hot venture company established in 2013.
We specialize in the development and provision of cloud applications, and research and development of artificial intelligence in speech and natural language.


Advance humanity through technology
Invention of the computer, advances in the internet, evolution of mobile devices, popularization of social networking systems, changes to people’s lives has always been created by technology.

Our lives would have been much different today in a world without technology.
Technology will continue to have a large impact on the world and on people’s lives in the future.
Widsley would like to take an active role in being reponsible for a part of such advancements.

We have members from Japan, USA, Pakistan, Indonesia, France, Russia, and Taiwan.
If you can speak either Japanese or English at least at a business level, you will have no problem communicating in this environment!

Company Details

Head Office
Main Business
髙橋 弘考  
108,000,000 円(資本準備金含む) 


Main Office
Sakagami Bld.4F
3-27-15 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo, Japan, 1500002

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