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BEMAC 株式会社 - Company Details

BEMAC 株式会社

Company Description

Go Forward 

Here at BEMAC, we are truly grateful for the kind support and patronage of shipowners, shipbuilders and other business partners, as well as local citizens, in Imabari City, one of Japan's foremost centers of maritime industry. This support has continued for more than 70 years since our founding, and we believe that these seven decades of success are due to each and every employee's efforts to maintain the Company's spirit of gratitude toward stakeholders, employee efforts to create new value through electricity, and the understanding and trust we have earned from people everywhere.

In order to achieve further growth, we believe it vital to keep a keen eye on, and formulate bold strategies in response to, the changes brought about by the continued advance of globalization and the accompanying rapid movements of people, goods, funds and information across international borders, which in turn bring with them great potential for increased freedom and prosperity along with the risk of entangling the Company in international conflicts, financial crises and the like. BEMAC continues to evolve with efforts centered on three main pillars: our marine plant business, which makes full use of electronic technologies to realize world-leading business results and marine plant technologies; our industrial plant business, which has garnered steadily increasing trust over the years; and our electric vehicle (EV) business, which entails efforts aimed at solving environmental problems.

We believe that all human beings have an innate desire to produce results through their work and thus contribute to society. BEMAC strives to draw forth what we call the "Working Wild Mind" of each and every employee, then combine individual employee efforts to further empower the organization as a whole, and forge strong alliances between Group companies to realize synergistic effects. In this way, the BEMAC Group always moves powerfully forward—this is what we call the "BEMAC Way," and it is something in which we firmly believe.

Company Details

Head Office
Main Business
小田 雅人  
9000 万円 
Number of Employees
501 - 1,000  


Main Office
105 Noma, Imabari-shi
Ehime, Japan, 7948582

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