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A.L.I.Technologies - Company Details


Company Description

We envision an Air Mobility Society, in which people can traverse the skies safely and freely.

A.L.I. Technologies aspired to realize the future of an "air mobility society" where cars, bikes and UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle) fly freely in the sky.
We believe that we require two major technologies to realize the "air mobility society" in the future: control of the aircraft itself, and operation of the platform utilizing blockchain technology.
In order to provide products and air traffic control systems immediately after legal development, we intend to aim for further while accumulating technologies and knowledge through these businesses make giant leaps.

The development of advanced technologies such as UAV, blockchain and AI has the potential to greatly change the current society. 
We will be the leading company of those advanced technology fields, and with integrating these technologies, we will realize a society where people can traverse the skies safely and freely.

A.L.I. develops its own advanced technologies such as drones, AI and blockchain, and collaborates with major companies in next-generation business development.

A.L.I. Technologies Inc. is a team of strategic consultants with a wealth of technology business experience, and world-class engineers who develop cutting edge drones, computing machines, blockchain platforms, AI software, and hoverbikes, and collaborate with major comoanies to conduct research, development, and operation of next-generation businesses.


We develop next-generation mobility that levitates above the ground.
We are researching and developing the world's first practical hoverbike. 

  • DRONE・AI(Artificial Intelligence)

We are working on developing original drones, an AI drone management system and wireless power delivery system platforms, drone operator dispatch, and drone race system development.
Combining technological and business knowledge, we are a one-stop-shop providing everything fro business exploration to realization.


We are working on shared computing to be used as a 3D image/video cloud-based rendering service, as well as deep learning and CAE(Engineering simulations).


A.L.I is developing services to support corporate efforts to decarbonize and promote environmentally friendly management by utilizing its experience in system development and consulting in the electric power sector.
By providing solutions aimed at the private and public sectors and consumers, we will contribute to a more sustainable society of the future.

Company Details

Head Office
Main Business
片野 大輔  


Main Office
Shiba Park Annex 6th floor
3-1-8 Shibakoen, Minato-ku
Tokyo, Japan, 1050011

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