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DIP Corporation - Company Details

DIP Corporation

Company Description

As a "General Trading Company Dealing in Labor Force", DIP provides clients with personnel recruiting services and DX services to solve diverse labor-related issues.

To be a "General Trading Company Dealing in Labor Force" which provides not only human resources but also AI/RPA.

In March 2019, DIP set a new vision, to be a "Labor force solution company".
In Japan, we are facing a serious shortage of labor due to the declining birthrate and aging population, and it is said that many of the current jobs will be replaced by AI/RPA*. Up to this point, we have solved and improved the labor problem by supporting clients in recruiting and hiring. However, from now on, by expanding the conventional business domain and evolving into a "Labor force solution company", we aim to provide our clients personnel recruiting services and AI/RPA services to solve various types of labor-related issues as a “General Trading Company Dealing in Labor Force”.
* Robotic Process Automation...An initiative to automate and promote efficiency by using robots for simple office tasks that are now being done manually by humans.


Human work force

  • Baitoru
    Japan’s largest portal website for part time employees
  • Baitoru NEXT
    Job information platform for those with an aim to become regular or contract employees
  • Hatarako net
    Job information platform for regular, dispatch and part-time employees
  • Hatarako index
    Job information platform for female employment
  • Nurse de hatarako
    Job agency website for nurses
  • A.E.L
    A Baitoru package service for the comprehensive management of all hiring processes from recruitment to employment

Digital labor force

  • KOBOT Platform
    An RPA platform you can count on that provides total support for the integration of RPA from implementation to operation.
  • RPA Consulting Services
    A one stop service for RPA product selection, development, operations and maintenance support
    RPA service for dispatch companies gets a major upgrade
  • Interview KOBIT
    Automatically handles everything from accepting applications to setting interview dates and times on behalf of the hiring manager
  • Real Estate KOBOT
    Automatically acquires information on vacancies and updates data on new properties

Owned media

    Japan’s first AI specialized media
  • dip people
    A website that introduces people working at DIP, their assignments and its corporate culture
  • Memotto
    A website that examines the idea of lifestyle based workstyle
  • BOMS
    News and columns related to choosing a part-time job or making a career change
  • DIP Research Institute
    Website to better understand the realities of working life
  • Startup Times
    Japan’s largest startup specialized media
  • Seichi Junrei Map
    Search for that special place from your favorite anime, or maybe one in your local area
  • JISEDAI.work
    Media arm of DIP’s AI/RPA development team


  • AI.Accelerator
    Japan’s first AI-specialized accelerator program
  • GAKUcelerator
    Japan’s first startup accelerator program specifiscally for students
  • HR Hack Fund
    Japan’s first investment program for startup companies making a contribution to work-style reform

Company Details

Head Office
Main Business
冨田 英揮  
1,085百万円 (2020年2月末現在) 
Number of Employees
Over 1,000  


Main Office
31F, Roppongi Grand Tower,
3-2-1, Roppongi,, Minato-ku
Tokyo, Japan, 1066231

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