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A-SAFE Co., Ltd.

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The A-SAFE story is one of dedication, continuous progress and evolution. Our long record in polymer extrusion going back to the 1980s gives us scientific knowledge unmatched in the safety industry

Making the safest and most advanced workplaces

  • Protecting people

Keep people safe, reduce risk and drive efficiency with industrial-strength barriers that flex upon impact, absorb vehicle energy, and then fully reform for continued protection.

  • Reducing operating costs

Reduce maintenance costs, repairs, replacement and downtime with advanced guardrails that do not corrode, rust or fade, never need painting and bounce back after impact.

  • Safety compliance

Choose safety barriers that are rigorously tested and independently certified to recognised global standards so you can be sure of their performance when it is needed most.

The right protection for the job

  • Pedestrian protection

Reduce accident risk, safeguard operations, and save lives with world-class pedestrian protection from A-SAFE

  • Building, wall and column protection

Safeguard buildings, columns and other vital infrastructure with world-class protection from A-SAFE. 

  • Racking protection

Protect essential warehouse racks and storage infrastructure from impact damage and downtime with A-SAFE racking protection. 

  • Machinery and equipment protection

Prevent costly damage and downtime by protecting essential machinery, conveyors and equipment from vehicle impacts.

  • Service yard and loading dock protection

Reduce accident risk, prevent damage and optimize traffic movements in loading bays and service yards.

Safety across industries and sectors

  • Manufacturing

Bollards, guardrails and manufacturing safety solutions to reduce risk and enhance operational efficiency in manufacturing environments.

  • Warehouse and distribution

Reduce risk and protect employees, warehouse infrastructure and racking from impact damage with safety solutions engineered for the busiest distribution and storage facilities.

  • Airports

Protect passengers, equipment and essential airport infrastructure with a range of heavy-duty polymer airport safety solutions.

  • Car parks

Enhance pedestrian safety, protect car park infrastructure and reduce repair and maintenance costs with a range of robust car park safety solutions from A-SAFE.

  • Architecture and specification

A-SAFE provides industrial safety consultancy for architects and specifiers, as well as full installation of base build safety infrastructure at construction stage

  • Automotive

A-SAFE safety solutions for the automotive industry enhance site efficiency and protect your operations.

  • Cold storage

Impact protection and pedestrian segregation purpose-engineered for sub-zero cold storage environments.

  • Chemical and power

Chemical-resistant, non-conducting polymer safety solutions, engineered to protect people, assets and infrastructure in chemical and power facilities.

  • Food and drink

Protect people, assets and infrastructure with a range of hygienic polymer safety solutions from A-SAFE.

  • Health and hygiene

Hygienic polymer safety solutions, engineered to protect people, assets and infrastructure in pharmaceutical and hygiene industry environments.

  • Packaging

Protect people and essential machinery with safety solutions tailored to your packaging facility.

Company Details

Head Office
United Kingdom  
Main Business
Number of Employees
501 - 1,000  


Main Office
6F, Kearney Place Nara,
6-3-4, Omiyacho,, Nara-shi
Nara, Japan, 6308115

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