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TAKATA Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. - Company Details

TAKATA Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Company Description

As a research and development-oriented company,Takata Seiyaku Co., Ltd. primarily engages in the manufacturing, sales and research and development of medical drugs under the business philosophy of "Contributing to the health of people by developing innovative products and supplying high-quality products.
" Our aim is to develop creative high value- adding products that only our company can supply. It is our aspiration to become as much a factor as possible in the world of medical treatment by enhancing the convenience of those involved in medical treatment and making the drugs easy to take for patients through these products.

Research and Development Activities
Unbounded creativity and a spirit of inquiry,from experts for new drug products of tomorrow.

At Takata Seiyaku, we research and develop original generic drug

Generic drugs are pharmaceutical products containing the same quantities of active ingredients as new drugs.
Administered in a manner and dosage identical to that of existing drug products, generics demonstrate the same efficacy and results, and normally are placed on the market following the new drug re-examination period and expiration of the patent. With national health care expenditures anticipated to increase with the full-fledged aging of Japan’s society, low-priced generic drugs are expected to contribute to reducing the public financial burden.
Generic drugs also play a major role in resolving problems such as tastes and tablet sizes and shapes, which make products easier for patients to take, while providing the same effectiveness and safety as new drugs.

Takata Seiyaku has solved a number of problems faced by patients and medical professionals, including bitter taste, large tablet size and difficulty in handling by physicians, pharmacists and nurses. Utilizing experience and knowledge accumulated over our long history, plus the latest in technology, we conduct product research aimed at creating original value-added generics.
Drugs such as dry syrup for children and kit preparations for intravenous infusion are typical of the products we have created to contribute to medical care.

At Takata Seiyaku we will continue our challenge, because we believe new pharmaceutical products created through such drug research will contribute to the future of human health.

Manufacturing Plant Guide
Omiya Plant
At the Omiya Plant, which consists of four facilities, Takata Seiyaku manufactures a variety of drug preparations, ranging from solid oral preparations such as tablets and capsule formulations to freeze-dried and other injection preparations.
Based on our accumulated experience, inside the plant we’ve introduced the state-of-the-art technology and equipment, which we continually seek to upgrade and enhance, for powdered drug products such as granulated powders and dry syrup (DS) and freeze-dried drug products that require special production technologies.

Omiya Plant II
Takata’s Omiya Plant II is a specialized facility for steroid preparations for external applications, such as ointments, creams and lotions. We’ve introduced the most advanced production equipment and technology, to create a system consistent from raw materials to final packaging that enables us to achieve highly efficient mass production.
Using the highest level quality control system, we exercise strict control over every process until final shipment. In addition, we’ve achieved a rigorous GMP compliance program, including measures to prevent contamination and protect against various insects, by utilizing a one-way production line and production room barrier system.

Kitasaitama Plant
This dedicated injection manufacturing plant produces injection formulations in freeze-dried vial, ampoule solution, and freeze-dried ampoule forms. The facility is state-of-the-art, utilizing unmanned transport systems, CIP/SIP (Cleaning-in-Place/Sterilization-in-Place) processes,automatic sample ejection, and other systems in order to completely eliminate the risk of microbial contamination resulting from production-line workers.

Satte Plant
The Satte Plant which produces solid preparations for internal use such as tablets and granules (e.g., fine granules and dry syrup) is a brand new plant complying with the 3-pole GMP and enhancing efficiency through the introduction of state-of-the-art facilities and automatization.
At each stage of manufacturing, the production management systems eliminate human errors and the employment of three-dimensional flow bins system enables the plant to completely separate the lines of movement of people and goods and, as a result, to achieve the prevention of the cross-contamination and the contamination by foreign matter. Our company will realize the maximum quality earning trust of our customers.

Company Details

Head Office
Main Business
高田 浩樹  
Number of Employees
501 - 1,000  


Main Office
1-11-1, Numakage,, Saitama-shi Minami-ku
Saitama, Japan, 3368666

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