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Patent Professional Corporation Hiraki & Associates - Company Details

Patent Professional Corporation Hiraki & Associates

Company Description

Our mission, shared by all at Hiraki & Associates, is to contribute to the growth and prosperity of clients by providing them with high quality services, and thereby contribute to society at large.

We work diligently each day in pursuit of this mission.
Blessed with excellent clients since our firm’s founding some 33 years earlier, we have continued to grow, and on April 1, 2017, we took the step of reestablishing ourselves as a Patent Professional Corporation.

Our Service
Patent applications/Utility model registration applications
Application procedures for patent applications/utility model registration applications in Japan
Procedural services after filing patent or utility model applications

Application procedures for design registration applications in Japan
Procedural services after filing design registration applications

Application procedures for trademark registration applications in Japan
Procedural services after filing trademark registration applications

New plant variety registration applications
Procedures for new plant variety registration applications in Japan

Technology, Intellectual Property Management Consulting
By proposing and implementing technology and intellectual property strategies for utilization of our client’s core business technologies, our firm is able to provide support services that improve our clients’ corporate results.

  • Extracting core technologies and “Visualization”
  • Strengthening technology based business strategies, proposals and support
  • Proposals and support for intellectual property strategies
  • Matching R&D with intellectual property
  • Strategic technology support through TRIZ

Intellectual Property Seminars and Education
In order to appropriately protect a company’s own intellectual property, a basic knowledge of intellectual property is indispensable.
It is essential that this knowledge not just be acquired by those within the intellectual property department, but that it should span across the entire company to include everyone from those involved in sales and R&D through to management.
Our firm not only provides education to employees for knowledge acquisition concerning intellectual property, it is also able to provide seminars and courses, which are considered somewhat unorthodox in that they depart from the traditional concept of such courses and seminars, but have a greater focus on strengthening our client’s business.

  • Intellectual property courses and seminars
  • HIRAKI Seminar (These seminars, that cover a range of important and current topics, are regularly held by our firm.)

Intellectual Property related Investigations and Analysis
Our firm is able to provide a full range of intellectual property related investigation and analysis services in all of the fields outlined below.

  • Patent clearance (FTO) investigations
  • Investigation of literature in the public domain
  • Technology related analysis through map utilization

Supporting Intellectual Property Related Agreements
Our firm, in respect of consultations regarding required intellectual property related agreements for business and R&D, is able to provide advice at all stages of the process, from the drafting of proposed agreements, through to the study of the contents of any agreement, and then the conclusion of any agreement.

  • Intellectual Property Licensing Agreements
  • Intellectual Property Transfer Agreements
  • MTA(Material Transfer Agreement)
  • Confidentiality Agreements (CDA, NDA)
  • Joint Application Agreements
  • Joint Research (Development) Agreements/Commissioned Research (Development) Agreements

Specialist Fields

  • Biotechnology related

Genome editing, genetic engineering, cellular engineering, regenerative medicine (stem cells), tissue and organ cultures, microorganism cultures, bioinformatics, nucleic acid amplifying technologies, etc.

  • Drugs

Low molecular drugs, antibody drugs, nucleic acid drugs, vaccines, Chinese medicines, diagnostic agents, animal drugs, etc.

  • Food and Beverage related

Functional foods, specified health foods, nursing care foods, probiotic fermentation technologies, etc.

  • Agriculture and Forestry, Marine Products and Livestock Industry related

Pesticides and agrochemicals (herbicides, insecticides, bactericides, etc.), fertilizers, forage plants cultures, aquatic animal aquaculture, animal and plant breeding, soil improvement (bioremediation), etc.

  • Beauty, Health, Homeware related

Cosmetics, cosmetic tools, perfumes, hair dressing products, healthcare supplies (haircare, skincare, oral care, etc.), bath and toiletry supplies, supplements, herbs, etc.


  • Organic Chemistry related

Low molecular organic chemistry, high molecular organic chemistry, organic electroluminescence, organic synthesis, etc.

  • Inorganic Chemistry related

Catalysts, batteries, semiconductors, carbon materials, precious metals, rare metals, iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, magnetic materials, metal recovery technologies, metal refining technologies, metal processing technologies, etc.

  • Polymer Chemistry related

Biodegradable plastics, optical fibers, heat-resistant materials, liquid crystal polymers, polymer alloys, conductive materials, optical functional materials, optical materials, optical disks, fibers, rubbers, separation materials, molecular recognition materials, biomaterials, superabsorbent polymers, polymer gels, etc.

Mechanical Engineering and Materials
Automotive (engines, vehicle bodies, magnets, catalysts, motors, batteries, vehicle controls), production equipment, civil engineering and construction, steel making and rolling, molded plastic products, combustion equipment, air-conditioning equipment, earth-moving machinery, building materials such as plywood, agricultural machinery, kitchen equipment, machine tools, etc.

Electrical Engineering and Communication Technologies

  • Software related Technologies

Web applications, search technologies (databases, etc.), security technologies

  • Hardware related technologies

Processors, recording media, recording magnetic heads, etc.

  • Signal Processing

Communication processing, image processing, sound processing, etc.

  • Electrical Devices

Electrical circuits, semiconductors, solar cells, etc.

  • Optical Instruments

Electron microscopes, cameras, projectors, etc.

  • Medical Use Devices

Diagnostic devices, analyzers, medical use systems (medical information databases), etc.

Integrated fields
(Integrated fields that crossover between the fields of biotechnology and chemistry, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering, as well as medicine-engineering collaborations)
Medical Devices (treatment devices, diagnostic devices, artificial joints, catheters, endoscopes, etc.), nucleic acid extraction equipment, nucleic acid amplification and detection equipment, agriculture equipment, fishery equipment, robotic suits

General Consulting and Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights Support

  • Intellectual Property and Technical Management Consulting

Intellectual Property and Technical Management strategy proposal and implementation support

  • Intellectual Property Education

Provision of seminars, training, e-learning, etc.

  • Intellectual Property Examinations and Analysis

Investigation of prior literature, patent clearances, appraisals, patent map creation, intellectual property due diligence, technical analysis for the formulation of technical strategies, etc.

  • Support concerning Intellectual Property Agreements and Licensing

Drafting and advising on intellectual property agreements in a variety of fields

  • Intellectual Property Consultations

Support of inventions and discoveries, business confidentiality management, etc.

Company Details

Head Office
Main Business
平木 康男  
Number of Employees
101 - 500  


Main Office
32F, Atago Greenhills MORI Tower,
2-5-1, Atago, Minato-ku
Tokyo, Japan, 1056232

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