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Vision Consulting, Inc. - Company Details

Vision Consulting, Inc.

Company Description

Making the world better by innovation
In order to grow into a global consulting firm originating in Japan,
Vision Consulting is developing its business through "consulting services" , "new business" and "global".

World class growth rate
Top 3 Growth Ranking of Listed Companies
We are a world class growth company. Sales growth over the past five years has been "2971%".
This is a level that would allow the company to enter the top three of the "10-year growth rate ranking of listed companies" in just five years.

From Japan to the World
We aim to expand our business to 440 cities around the world.
The Kansai and Nagoya branches were established in the fifth year of the company's operations, and an overseas subsidiary in the United States (Los Angeles) was established in the seventh year of the company's existence.
In addition, we aim to accelerate our nationwide and overseas expansion to become a global firm from Japan with operations in 440 cities around the world.

Development of New Business Unit
Aiming to be the world's best firm
In addition to the firm's unique expertise, we also make full use of cutting-edge technologies (AI, RPA, 5G, etc.).
We are taking on the challenge of innovating our business model in a way that other companies can't.

Vision Consulting offers two main services: consulting and new business.

Consulting service
We support the enhancement of corporate value by deriving the best feasible measures according to each client's situation, such as "formulation of management and business strategies," "realization of business processes," and "IT solutions that do not stick to a specific package.

  • Strategic consulting

Strategic planning that emphasizes execution, not impractical proposition
Corporate and Business Strategy/Management Strategy/New business start-up/Overseas Expansion etc.

  • Business consulting

Maximizing the corporate value of customers by considering the balance between "overall optimization" and "partial optimization" of business processes.
Support for Operational Reform/Personnel and organizational reform/Internal control/PMO support etc.

  • IT consulting

Support the proposal and execution of IT solutions that are truly valuable to customers without being confined to a single package solution.
IT implementation planning/Security measures/CIO Support/PMO support etc.

  • System integration

Realize customer requirements with industry-savvy SI professionals
System architect/Application and infrastructure design - development and testing support/Development Team Lead etc.

New business
In particular, we will focus on areas that have a high social contribution significance, and take on the challenge of "new businesses that are full of appeal that no others have ever challenged before. 
We will develop the business with the aim to launching the service to the entire world.

One-stop solution
In regards to our consulting services, we adapt to all phases, from strategy planning to development and operation, and provide a full range of services. Our services are not limited to specific areas or off-the-shelf solutions, but we focus on solving the issues that our customers truly need.

Company Details

Head Office
Main Business
戦略コンサルティング ・業務コンサルティング ・ITコンサルティング ・システムインテグレーション ・新規事業開発  
佐藤 大介  
Number of Employees
501 - 1,000  


Main Office
4&5F, World Yotsuya building
4-3-1, Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku
Tokyo, Japan, 1600004

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