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Japan’s first fabless semiconductor manufacturer to provide solutions of innovative system LSI.

We contribute to enhance your competitiveness with our system LSI (SoC).

System LSIs where various functions and systems are integrated in 1 chip. 
Our development mission is to help our customers to develop innovative products.
MegaChips provides chip solutions that fulfilled various requirements including power consumption, cost, and time-to-market, while achieving breakthrough functions and performance by fusing knowledge of LSI and applications for problems in device development.

We enrich our lives and support development of industry.
MegaChips helps to build a better society by developing high performance LSIs.

For a pleasant and relaxing time
We are in an age where we can fully enjoy contents of games, videos, images, and music, with the feeling of “being there” anywhere, anytime.
MegaChips’ system LSI plays important roles in image processing and data transmission.

  • LSI for game consoles
  • LSI for single-lens reflex digital cameras
  • LSI for home networking

For secure and comfortable smart mobility
Connected cars, autonomous cars and electric cars have been introduced for the purpose of reducing the burdens of driving, decreasing traffic accidents and the environmental load. The system LSI that supports automotive electronics is essential for the present and future smart mobility society.

  • LSI for Automotive high-speed LAN(Ethernet PHY/Switch)

IoT-Connected Industries and Social Infrastructure
In an IoT society where everything is globally connected through the internet, the system LSI plays active role in data collection and transmission. Grasping and analyzing a large volume of data will solve social challenges and enhance the possibility of a safe, convenient way of living.

  • LSI for high-speed PLC
  • Analog front end for high-speed cable communications

We focus on basic research and applied technology as a fabless R&D manufacturer.
As a fabless manufacturer focusing on R&D, MegaChips has accumulated intellectual property and holds numerous patents of original technology and concepts.

  • Digital:Achieve advanced arithmetic processing in low power with development of original algorithms
  • Analog:Reduce deterioration of conversion of analog and digital signals and achieve high-efficiency and high-performance data transmission
  • MEMS:Silicon-based timing solutions with MEMS technology

We accelerate growth by focusing on the automotive and industrial equipment fields.
Currently, MegaChips is focusing in the growth areas of automotive and industrial equipment, such as 5G communications infrastructure and Factory Automation. With the rapid growth of digitalization in these fields, we are moving forward with product development using our original high-speed wired communications technology.

We provide strategic solutions to solve your problems that range from ASIC full turn-key services to ASSP products leveraging our analog and digital technology.


We Provide Optimal Solutions in Cooperation with leading Global Companies Using our Broad Knowledge and Expertise
Our development mission is achieving our customers’ competitiveness. We maximize the value of ASIC development responding to diverse product development challenges, such as unprecedented advanced functions and performance, cost optimization, and shortening development period.


  • MEMS Timing Device

Silicon-based MEMS oscillators outperform quartz products
We provide optimal timing solutions of high performance and frequency stability for 5G telecom infrastructure

  • Automotive Ethernet PHY

Strike a balance between high-speed/high-capacity and reliability required for next-generation in-vehicle communications
A pair of UTP cable is capable of transmitting 100Mbps. Lightweight and low cost wire harnesses achieves high-speed communications.

  • Broadband PLC (BlueChip Plus)

High-speed communications using existing power lines
IEEE 1901 compliant.
We provide high-speed wired communication networks for urban infrastructure, such as building and factories.

  • LCD Timing Controller

A wide variety of input and output interfaces based on depth of experience and achievements
Timing Controller (T-CON), indispensable for LCD. We are a market leader in product development backed by our market share and experiences.

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Main Business
肥川 哲士  
Number of Employees
501 - 1,000  


Main Office
8F Shinosaka hankyu building
1-1-1Miyahara, Osaka-shi Yodogawa-ku
Osaka, Japan, 5320003

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