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Bidalgo - Company Details


Company Description

10 Years of Marketing Technology Excellence

Bidalgo helps businesses realize their full potential by making online marketing more efficient and accessible.

Bidalgo was born a decade ago, created by marketing technology pioneers who recognized an opportunity in the monumental shift towards mobile and social.  
That opportunity: data-driven decision-making and optimization tools for mobile marketers.

Out of that initial set of tools grew an  advanced marketing platform, powered by mature algorithms and used by some of the largest online advertisers in the world.

Bidalgo, which has no outside investors, is profitable and growing.

Realize The Full Potential of Your Creative
Get ahead of the competition with data-driven creative platform which eliminates blindspots, streamlines production, and infuses management workflows with actionable insights.

The Bidalgo Creative Center is a set of advanced tools purpose-built for supercharging creative production and analysis, at scale. It helps online marketers optimize both workflows and results throughout the entire creative lifecycle, from before the asset is generated to its eventual retirement.

  • Iterate Easier With Auto-Production

Ramp up your capacity for creative iteration by automatically generating assets with high performance potential, based on proven concepts

  • Proactively Detect Creative Fatigue

Discover the earliest signs of creative fatigue throughout your activity, using tools such as over-time creative analysis & performance ranking

  • Rank Creative Across Channels & Ads

See performance-based rank for all your creative assets in one place – based on aggregated data from channels, the measurement platform and BI

  • Test Efficiently With Predictive Ranking

Save time and money by analyzing new assets to discover their performance potential even before you start the creative testing process

  • Match Audiences to Creative Formats

Discover the best ad format for each audience when you group and analyze assets by parameters such as aspect ratio and resolution

  • Go Behind The Scenes of Creative Success

Want to know why one creative succeeds where others fail? Bidalgo highlights top-performing elements, colors and concepts for your ads

  • Analyze Better With Data Enrichment

Want to know who saw your ads? Delivery data is just one of our unique, heuristic streams based on multi-source calculations

Company Details

Head Office
Main Business
Online marketing  
Peli Beeri  


Main Office
Moshe Aviv Tower, 31st floor
7 Jabotinsky St.
Ramat Gan, Israel 5252007

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