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Credibility built on market-proven technology.
Technology developed in order to meet market needs has been contributing in the production lines around the world.
Born out of the need for high-speed, high-accuracy measurement/ inspection of fast-evolving electronic components, NIDEC-READ products reflect the culmination of our longstanding experiences in a variety of elemental technologies. Our technical portfolio today realizes extensive application in:

- mission-critical, high-performance integrated circuits and associated software
- hardware design enabling submicron control
- component fixture operation for processing and assembling multi-pin and narrow-pitch chips, and
- two- and three-dimensional optical imaging and three-dimensional process technology

NIDEC-READ’s main strength derives from the ability to blend a wide range of elemental technologies to the industry's highest level of performance.


  • Automatic Test Equipment

NIDEC-READ GATS (Grid Array Testing System) series carry out open/leak circuit tests on semiconductor package (MCM/CSP/BGA). NIDEC-READ offers an array of testing equipment used to conduct open/leak tests on motherboards, as well as many other printed circuit boards. NIDEC-READ provides open/leak inspection system for touch screen panel and LCD, at singulated size to multifaced size, making use of our diversed contact & non-contact technologies.
Semiconductor Package Inspection System/Printed Circuit Board Inspection System/TSP and FPD Inspection System

  • Electrical Tester

NIDEC-READ testers undertake various types of continuity tests at broad voltage and resistance levels.

  • Fixture and Software for Open/Leak Inspection

In addition to jigs and fixtures for probing conductors and electrode pads, NIDEC-READ provides specialized software for test point selection and log analysis.

  • Automated Optical Inspection Equipment

NIDEC-READ's inspection systems serve to locate open/leak circuits on printed substrates forming different conductor patterns within photomasks and inner/outer layers. These vision inspection systems are also used to measure the shape of via holes and solder bumps and to find scratches and stains on them.

  • Probe Card

Our probe cards are a perfect solution for advanced wafer testing challenges.

  • Special inspection equipment

NIDEC-READ's auto parts inspection systems and specific application systems collectively support the customers' productivity improvement by working in their process lines around open/leak the current test and post-packaging.

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