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Incubit Inc. - Company Details

Incubit Inc.

Company Description

We are co-creation partner in the artificial intelligence and data paradigm

We transform imagination to inspiration using the best technology and design.

No matter how good the concept or plan is, unless the idea can be brought into the real world, it is useless. Our mission is to realize the passions of businesses and products in the best form to the real world.

We always stand by our clients as partners as we share their passions, troubles, and joys. With that in mind, at Incubit we transform imagination to inspiration using the best technology and design.

Service flow for generating solutions from 0 to 1


By developing something that you can see and use, often times many new ideas and discoveries occur. This is also useful for demoing to investors and clients.


Using the prototype results, we develop a production ready solution. We provide an optimal start by taking advantage of our speed and flexibility.


The real test for IT service comes after production. While monitoring the end users, we continuously improve the solution.

We aim to not only create a single product but to create an ecosystem that continuously produces change based on influential ideas.

Our ecosystem will continuously produce mission-driven businesses through the following five modules: "Think tank that organizes issues faced around the world", "Research institute that creates innovative science and technologies", "Educational institute to nurture entrepreneurs", "Investment institution to nurture businesses", and "Incubation facility that organically links the organizations"


  • Creating for foundation

To create a foundation, we need to first establish our finances, resources, and technologies. We will create an organization centered around technology that is self-organizing and sustaining.

  • Expanding our focus to Asia

By leveraging our global organization, acquired technologies, and our 0 to 1 experience, we will actively expand to Asia.

  • Creating a globally active ecosystem

We will create an ecosystem that is able to create circulate new businesses. We aim to continuously create change on a global scale.


  • Project System
  • Development Field

Machine Learing/DeepLearning: Image rcognition, Text Mining, Numerical data Analysis
Web/Mobile App Development: Web Development, Mobile App Development

  • Exerienced Industry

Medical Care/Manufucturing/Traffic/Agriculture/Infratructure/Other

Company Details

Head Office
Main Business


Main Office
Tech Hiroo Building 7F
1-10-5 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo, Japan, 1500012

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