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S-VANCE LTD. is one of the world's foremost manufacturers of plastic injection molds, providing unrivaled product technology, quality and support. 

Since the Company's founding in 1961, we have specialized in the field of plastic molds, which play an indispensible role in manufacturing, and have striven continuously to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Large molds for automotive instrument panels and bumpers, 

  • Molds for building materials
  • Tiny precision molds for the medical and food industries

We have served all domestic and many foreign automakers, and in the process have accumulated a high level of proprietary technology and expertise.

S-VANCE's proprietary, graphical process control system enables real-time, visual monitoring of every step of the mold manufacturing process, from design and machining to final finishing. This allows us to raise equipment utilization rates and operational efficiency, maintain high levels of quality, and reduce time to delivery. 
Using this process control system in conjunction with our SAP R/3 cost control system, we can control all costs associated with individual molds on a day-by-day basis, contributing stability to our business performance.

Our Technology

  • 3D Solid Design

By integrating design data with the production process, the number of required steps in mold design and construction can be reduced.

  • High Cycle

High Cycle is the integration of mold and molding process technology.
Backed by our years of accumulated expertise, we can help customers reduce their line costs.

  • The CAE Solution

Our years of accumulated expertise as a specialized manufacturer of molds, combined with CAE analytic engineering, results in superior molds.

Global Network
Evolving Globally: The S-VANCE's Global Network - 20 Countries,46 locations
S-VANCE spans the globe. Rapid response, rapid support - whatever you needs.
Base Country: UK, France, Hungary, Turkey, Poland, Portugal, Austria, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, China, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Japan

Company Details

Head Office
Main Business
満嶋 敏雄  
Number of Employees
101 - 500  


Main Office
62-1 Nomura Nakamachi, Hirakata-shi
Osaka, Japan, 5730144

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