Morpho AI Solutions, Inc.

Company Description

We build and provide various AI solutions centered on image processing and AI technology, which is one of the strengths of the global company Morpho.

(1) Endpoint AI: Utilizing the morpho group's technological capabilities cultivated in software development for smartphones, we have strengths in AI development that effectively operates on endpoints (terminals) such as security cameras and robots.

(2) Mix Well AI: Utilizing the know-how of quality control and SDK conversion of commercial software, it is possible to combine and provide multiple AIs in a package.

(3) Joint business development capability utilizing AI (DX promotion): A consultant with a technical background serves as the contact point, and takes responsibility for accompanying operations improvement and new service development utilizing AI up to the planning, technical verification, and implementation stages. I will.

(4) Providing value through open innovation: AI vendors, application development companies, SIERs, and conservators as needed

Company Details

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Main Business
AI コンサルティングサービス、システムインテグレーション、ソフトウェア販売、ハードウェア販売等  
漆山 正幸  


Main Office
Chiyoda First Bldg, East 12F
3-8-1 Nishikanda, Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo, Japan, 1010065

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