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GR Solutions, Inc.

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Fuji is a symbol of our company, and is also said to be a mountain of heart. Moreover, it is also a symbol of our Japanese people.

Through years of sales experience I have cherished the serious service to the customer in the first place.

Of course, in order to satisfy customers, it is important to output the best output as a team.
However, I believe that having a heart of hospitality as a person is the most important thing.

We always respect our partner, gaining trust through responsible work, repeated trust.
We will strive to become a Trusted person who connects people with mind every day as much as possible.

Thank you very much from all of our employees.

President and CEO Satoru Kamata

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Head Office
Main Business
Webコンテンツマネージメント導入支援 ・ 商品情報マネージメント導入支援 ・ データ連携基盤設計・構築 ・ リレーショナルデータベース設計・構築 ・ パブリッククラウド/プライベートクラウド設計・構築 ・ 自動運用基盤設計・構築 ・ IBM i (AS/400) IT モダナイゼーションサービス(X-Analysis 日本総代理店)  ・ 労働者派遣事業: 派13-308119  
鎌田 悟  


Main Office
Shinjuku Nomura Building 24F
Nishi-shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku
Tokyo, Japan, 1630524

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