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株式会社iHOLON - Company Details


Company Description

iHOLON aims to introduce high-quality human resources by promoting cross-border mutual promotion of advanced human resources such as AI, IoT, big data, fintech, and infrastructure in Japan, China, and Southeast Asia including Singapore. 

iHOLON always strive to make information open and decentralized, and strive to collaborate among job seekers and job seekers while maintaining the independence, rationality, and flexibility of individual staff members. 
We believe that it is our pride and responsibility to contribute to the coexistence and mutual prosperity of human resources, technology and knowledge in the Asian region based on Japan India and China.

President introduction:
Our representative director, Son Tatsuaki, has accumulated a wealth of practical experience and business results as an engineer in all areas of AI, IoT, big data, fintech, and infrastructure in Southeast Asian countries such as China, Japan, and Singapore for many years. It was Based on our experience so far, we have fully understood the human resource needs of the IT industry and are steadily building the necessary connections and resources.

Company Details

Head Office
Main Business
孫 立明  
Number of Employees
1 - 10  


Main Office
Sunaga Bldg. 5F
2-2-11 Shintomi, Chuo-ku
Tokyo, Japan, 1040041

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