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We are Global Career Co., Ltd.

Do you feel anxious when you work or change jobs in Japan?

● How is my Japanese?

● Can I find my dream job?

● Are this company's salary and benefits good or bad?

● Is overtime too long?

● Is my relationship with my co-workers good or bad?

● What is my future career plan?

● Where is the work location?

● Is the education and training system substantial?

● Is my company doing well?

● Does this company have visa support?

☆☆ Global Career full-time advisors will answer to your anxiety ☆☆


Have you found your dream job?

● Trading company (general / specialty)

● Hotel / Travel

● Information and communication, software, game software, Internet service

● Bank / Securities

● Automotive and transportation equipment

● Electronics / Electricity / Machine

● Construction / Housing / Real Estate

● Other industries

☆☆ We can introduce a wide variety of industries / occupations ☆☆


Can you express yourself and impress your future employers through resume and interviews?

● Communication skills

● Language skills

● Intercultural ability

● Basic academic ability

● Specialized knowledge and skills

● Enthusiasm and brightness

● Cooperation and reliability

☆☆ We can draw out your good sides thoroughly and impress your future employers ☆☆


Can you ask the company you're applying for these questions?

● Employment of global human resources

● Recruitment schedule

● Number of people to be hired

● Expected ideal applicant's impression

● Actual job description

● Company atmosphere

● Employment of people from your country 

● Salary details

● Welfare benefits

● Turnover rate

● Education and training system

☆☆ We can ask and confirm these things on behalf of job seekers ☆☆


[List of services provided]

Job placement and job switching support specialized for global talents

● Introduction of jobs that meet your desires

● Resume correction and interview support

● Visa support/consulting

● Consultants by immigration law experts

[Introduction of consultants]

There are full-time personnel in their 20s to 40s.

They can speak Japanese, English, Thai and Vietnamese.



Global Career Co., Ltd. has continued to grow, hoping to serve customers in various fields based on comprehensive human resources services.

Overseas experienced career counselors will fully support your employment and job change activities. (There is no cost or fee for these support)

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Head Office
Main Business
魚山 毅  
Number of Employees
1 - 10  


Main Office
3-3-9 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku
Tokyo, Japan, 1600022

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