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With this mission in mind, we offer eight sweets brands, including BAKE CHEESE TART, a freshly baked cheese tart specialty store, and PRESS BUTTER SAND, a butter sandwich specialty store.
Since our founding in 2013, we have been committed to creating a brand that brings joy and empathy to all those involved in the creation, presentation, communication and delivery of sweets.

■One brand = one product
As an approach to the evolution of confectionery, we dare to narrow down the number of products offered by each brand in order to focus on the ingredients and manufacturing methods and pursue the best taste.

■The Three Principles of Good Taste
We insist on using only the best ingredients, taking care of our own business, and providing the best possible quality.
This is our policy for product development. In the case of freshly baked products, we bake and finish them in our shop with an integrated workshop and serve them to customers freshly every day.

■Next to the deliciousness, design.
We care about design next to good taste.
We are obsessed with designing every aspect of our products, including stores, packaging, websites, and communications, to create brands that are rich in character.

■We are working to acquire more fans through new marketing measures such as offering seasonal and regional flavors, collaborating with other companies (B to B), and utilizing smartphone applications.
In addition, we are focusing on the development of new brands and new businesses and strengthening our overseas operations.

Company Details

Head Office
Main Business
山田 純平  
Number of Employees
Over 1,000  


Main Office
Kowa-shirokanedai Bldg.
3-19-1 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku
Tokyo, Japan, 1080071

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