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Alesca Japan Co., Ltd.

Company Description

Alesca Japan is Japan branch office of Alesca Life which is global startup company and we design/develop/operate IT x IndoorHydroponics application products. The application services analysis tool to view several data of vegetable container farm Alesca Life designs/develops.

Alesca Life built 5 years ago and we could success to launch multi branch office in the world. Media picked our businees up such as Nikkei or CNN and growing speedy. Currently our parent company is located in HongKong and Beijing, Tokyo, Dubai branch office were built. Our company is growing quickly as a global company.

Alesca group mission is to create next-generation urban farming solutions using advanced software technology and a unique hardware design. We are looking to optimize all aspects of the agricultural supply chain from production and storage to transportation and consumption, and in doing so, radically reduce the environmental impact of modern-day food production

We strives to provide cities with the freshest and cleanest possible vegetables by strategically positioning our grow rooms in and around major metropolitan areas. The grow rooms will produce high quality organics without the use of pesticides and will utilize water, fertilizer and land resources far more efficiently than traditional agriculture

Company Details

Head Office
Main Business
AgriTech - 農業市場向けソフトウェアとハードウェアの開発と販売 (Sales and Development of software and hardware for Agri market)  
片桐 規次 (Noritsugu Katagiri)  
Number of Employees
1 - 10  


Main Office
Shiroyama Trust Tower 4F
4-3-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku
Tokyo, Japan, 1056004

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