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Service Management Group GK - Company Details

Service Management Group GK

Company Description

SMG is the industry’s only software with a service (SwaS) provider—combining an end-to-end XM platform with hands-on professional services to help brands improve customer, patient, employee, and brand experiences.

Platform Technology + Professional Services
Customer wants and needs change fast. Your competitors are innovating, too. If you’re not listening to customers and making changes based on their feedback, there’s no way you can keep up. As a leading experience management (XM) firm, SMG helps you get smarter about your customers and employees to drive changes that boost loyalty and improve business performance. We combine technology and services to collect, analyze, and share feedback and behavioral data—so it’s easier for you to deliver and activate customer insights across your enterprise.

  • Technology
    We live on the cutting edge of cutting edge. Our in-house experts fixate on powerful, flexible, repeatable, and accessible solutions for your dynamic industry.
  • Services
    Business data deserves a personal touch. Meet the ridiculously smart and seriously dedicated researchers, gurus, and share-it-alls behind SMG.
  • Insights
    Data is just...data until it's turned into insights. We see opportunities where others see numbers so you can see real, actionable outcomes.
  • Culture
    Employee engagement starts at home, with a strong respect for what our own staff brings to the table and how they can best help you.

Company Details

Head Office
United States  
Main Business
Andy Fromm  
Number of Employees
101 - 500  


Main Office
No.3 Komoriya Bldg 9F
2-7-16 Hamamatsu-cho, Minato-ku
Tokyo, Japan, 1050013

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