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ISFnet,Inc. - Company Details


Company Description

ISFnet Group is a multinational, integrated IT services provider based in Tokyo, Japan.
Founded in 2000 by CEO, Yukiyoshi Watanabe, ISFnet operates in 18 cities across Japan and has offices in China, Korea and Singapore.

ISFnet has expanded rapidly since it was established, growing from 4 employees to our current 2000+ highly-trained engineers and support staff.

Not only will joining ISFnet enhance your career, but you will become part of an effort to improve society and the environment.

ISFnet recruits talented IT specialist and business professionals for our subsidiaries located across Asia. Our hiring guidelines adhere to our Eco & Employment philosophy providing equal opportunities regardless of race, gender, nationality or disability.

Why should you work with ISFnet?

We take each hire as a future investment into ISFnet business expansion. Together with ISFnet irrespective of your age, culture, and social problems we will do our best to provide a secure and long term working environment. On top of this, we will provide On the Job Training (OJT), IT Training, and Business manner etiquette to those successful candidates.

In addition, for candidates from overseas, we strive to provide:
- Good Life Transition support
- Visa sponsorship and setup
- Legal advice regards to living in a foreign country
- Housing and accommodation support
- Career development path
- English language support.

Who are we looking for?

ISFnet is looking for candidates who have a strong sense of humanity,
good business ethics, are conscious of the environment, and whom have a social
commitment to society.
As a requirement we are looking for candidates with good Japanese communications skills to cater for our customer needs.
It is our goal at ISFnet to provide the highest quality training for our employees through various in-house training programs.

When are we hiring?

ISFnet is constantly hiring candidates throughout the year for various key roles, in Japan and across Asia. Please register your information with us to be considered.


Do you have what it takes to join ISFnet?

ISFnet offers roles that require varying levels of skill depending on the demands of our clients and projects. As part of our policy we accept candidates with less experience and train them in order to build a career with ISFnet.

What types of roles are available?

We are currently hiring for IT and non-IT positions including for temporary contracts, dispatching, for full time employment and through our Global Graduate Program. Most of this roles include Help desk support, Call center support, Network Engineer, Network Administrator & System integration Engineers for tier 1 and tier 2 global companies in the areas of telecommunication & Infrastructure support.

Where will you be assigned?

ISfnet has 14 branches domestically in Japan and 7 branches in Asia consisting of China, Korea, India, Malaysia, Vietnam & Singapore. (Soon to come Philippines, Thailand & Indonesia) With ISfnet you will be given the opportunity to work in any of our branches, on site at our customers over 100 locations nationwide and our global subsidiaries.

Please visit us on www.isfnet.com/jobs for more details.

Company Details

Head Office
Main Business
1. 情報通信システムの設計、施工、保守及びコンサルタント業務 2. コンピュータに関するソフトウェア、ハードウェアの開発、輸入、販売 3. コンピュータシステムの運用、管理、保守の受託 4. コンピュータに関するソフトウェア、ハードウェアのテスト設計・実行及びコンサルティング 5. 4. における検証情報の提供 6. ハードウェア、ソフトウェアの検証用施設、設備、機器の賃貸及び管理 7. コンピュータの操作、プログラム制作等に関する教育事業 8. コンピュータのハードウェア及び周辺機器のリサイクル品の販売 9. 経営及び投資に関するコンサルタント業務 10. 労働者派遣事業法に基づく労働者派遣事業 本社 (派13-304931) 11. 有料職業紹介業務 (許可番号:13-ユ-010728) 12. 障害者の就労支援及び就労支援事業 13. 障害者総合支援法に基づく障害福祉サービス事業 14. 前各号に関する一切の事業  
渡邉 幸義  
Number of Employees
Over 1,000  


Main Office
Oak Akasaka Bldg. 3F
7-1-16 Akasaka, Minato-ku
Tokyo, Japan, 1070052

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