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Apave Japan is a subsidiary of APAVE Group, a French company with more than 150 years of experience in Risk Management. 
Apave Japan was established in 2010 and has been continuously expanding its services in Industrial Inspections, CE marking, Consulting and Test & Measurement, responding to the needs of clients in Japan, Asia region and all over the world.

Apave Group
APAVE is a leading company with more than 150 years in the risk control business. APAVE provides a complete range of technical and intellectual services in the areas of inspection, assistance, building, test & measurement, training and consulting. All are designed to enhance the safety of people, property and optimize the performance of organizations.


Utilizing the accumulated expertise, experience and global network of APAVE Group, we can provide a wide range of industrial inspection services as a third party inspection or on behalf of clients to meet the needs of the clients.

  • Second Party Inspection

On behalf of clients we can inspect various industrial equipment at any stage of production to ensure the equipement quality in accordance with the client’s purchase order, specifications and other legislative requirements.

  • Third Party Inspection

APAVE was the very first company to be accredited “Notified Body” by the French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN). APAVE holds numerous accreditations, certifications and approvals that are necessary to serve the nuclear industry. As a Third Party, APAVE is an independent and objective intermediary between customers, suppliers public authorities and insurance companies involved in many major projects.
We can provide a full range of expertise from design phase, fabrication monitoring to final check and inspection for nuclear equipment manufactured for power plants in France or any other countries.

  • Welder Qualification

Welder Qualification is a verifying process which examine a welder’s capability to perform welds within the scope of given standards following an approved welding procedure.
The Welder Qualification is stipulated in many EN standards and codes such as ISO 9606 or ISO 14732. The compliance to those welding codes and standards is a prerequisite for manufacturers.
APAVE as a Notified Body, aware of EN standards and codes, can verify welder qualifications and issue welder certification. We can also qualify welders involved in the fabrication of pressure vessels in the scope of the PED.

  • Welding Procedure Qualification

In order to achieve an accurate welding procedure specification, manufacturers need an independent approval for their welding procedures in order to comply with standards and codes.
When EU standards and codes are applicable to their welding procedures, Apave as an independent third party can verify welding procedures by conducting witness inspection and issue Weld Procedure Qualification Record (PQR). Manufacturers can prepare Weld Procedure Specification (WPS) based on PQR and conduct welding.

CE Marking
CE marking is a mandatory requirement for many products to be sold in European markets. APAVE is a Notified Body in CE marking for industrial equipment. Our experts who are familiar with the European safety regulations will help you ensure your product’s conformity with the requirements for the CE marking.

  • CE Marking for Machinery

CE marking is a mandatory requirement for many equipment to to be sold in European markets. It indicates your product in compliance with the essential health and safety requirements of the relevant EU legislation. With APAVE’s Notified Bodies network, we can support you to CE mark your equipment.
We can check if your equipment meets the requirements of Machinery Directive, give advices and assist you to obtain the CE mark.

  • Pressure Equipment Directive(PED) 2014/68/EU

The Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 2014/68/EU replaces the former Directive 97/23/EC since 19th July 2016.
With many experiences as a Notified Body for the PED, Apave’s qualified experts can support you fulfill all responsibilities to obtain the PED certification and ensure compliance of your pressure equipment with the Pressure Equipment Directive.

  • Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU

The Low Voltage Directive (LVD) 2014/35/EU provides essential requirements and procedures that all electrical equipment placed on the EU market need to comply with. It covers all the arising risks and safety aspects of the electrical equipment, ensuring a high level of protection of health and safety for the people, animals and property nearby.

  • Electro Magnetic Compatibility Directive 2014/30/EU

The Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive is the European directive relating to the electro magnetic compatibility of electrical and eletronic equipment.
Apave can assist manufacturers in conducting the EMC test as well as CE marking the equipment in compliance with the directive. 

  • Personal Protective Equipment Regulation EU2016/425

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is equipment which protects the users against health or safety risks either at work, at home or in leisure activities. 
Apave experts can assist you in complying with the PPE Regulation. We also can perform various tests and certify your PPE in accordance with the required standards.

Product Certification
Product certification from Apave (the “C by Apave” mark and “LONGTIME®” label) – indicates the acceptance by a third-party as a symbol of safety, quality and ensures your products in compliance with relevant regulations in your target markets. It is also an effective way to distinguish your product from other competitors.

  • "C by Apave" and "LONGTIME????"

The “C by Apave” mark is a voluntary certification mark registered by Apave Certification which is a third party, recognised as National Certification Body (NCB) in the IECEE* system. We can deliver a voluntary trademark “C by Apave” for various products such as electrical appliances and machines, based on any test report under CB or ILAC** accreditation according to IEC* or EN standards.
The “C by Apave” mark indicates the acceptance by a third-party as a symbol of safety, quality and trust. In order to obtain the “C by Apave” mark, your products have to fullfill compliance with the requirements and standards of Apave Certification.

Apave experts with extensive experience and knowledge in pressure equipment as well as related regulations and standards, can offer various consulting services.

  • Consulting for Pressure Equipment Imported to Japan

Apave Japan can support importers to prepare required documents such as inspection records and application to the local authorities to obtain permission for importing the equipment into Japan.

  • Consulting for Pressure Equipment Imported to Europe

The Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 2014/68/EU replaces the former Directive 97/23/EC since 19th July 2016.
With many experiences as a Notified Body for the PED, Apave’s qualified experts can support you fulfill all responsibilities to obtain the PED certification and ensure compliance of your pressure equipment with the Pressure Equipment Directive.

  • French Regulation Consulting for ITER Equipment

For equipment manufactured in Japan, Apave can provide the consultancy in the application of French regulations such as RCC-MR, RCC-MRX, and certifies welding procedure and welder qualification.

Testing & Measurement
It is very important for manufacturers to select the optimal materials for the equipment and ensure that the equipment can maintain the quality performance under special environments such as lightning, sudden temperature change, vibration, high humidity, etc. Apave can carry out various tests and measurement according to the needs of the clients.

  • Product tests

Apave maintained its leading position in Europe for EC labeling of PPE (harnesses, carabiners, helmet, ropes, etc.,)
Personal Protective Equipment Regulation (EU 2016/425)

  • EMC test

Electro Magnetic Compatibility Directive (2014/30/EU)

  • Mechanical Tests

When equipment is manufactured, it is necessary to select the most suitable material according to the purpose of use.
Apave can test various mechanical properties, physical properties of various materials and chemical analysis with reliable results and certified reports, providing guides for material selection.
We also carry out testing of materials defined by Japan and foreign countries regulations and standards. If you can supply the material for the test, we will prepare test piece from the material, and carry out the test. Those test will be conducted at our laboratory in France and our partner companies.

  • Climatic tests

Climatic testing is often required for aerospace, defense, nuclear, transportation and industrial manufacturers in order to ensure their equipment in compliance with the industry specific standards. At Apave test facilities, we can provide a range of testing in any simulated environment conditions (usually extreme) to measure equipment behaviour.

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