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CareerCross is an online recruitment website specializing in bilingual professionals for international companies. We are one of the most popular job sites for bilingual talent in Japan. More than 2000 new bilingual candidates register with CareerCross every month.


In order to respond to customer's hiring needs, CareerCross offers the following two packages.

Standard Package

You manage the posting of job(s) and searching / scouting candidates.

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Managed Package

CareerCross recruitment processes are handled by an experienced specialist.

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Global Talent Pool

2,500+ High satisfaction
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Have served over 2,500 companies. Over 70% returning client rate.
Flexibility Technology
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Tailor made packages to maximize efficiency for clients. We continuously implement the latest cutting edge technologies to support clients’ needs.


What makes the difference

CareerCross offers unique functions to meet the needs of customers.

  • Digital Footprint : You can view lists of Candidates who have visited your Job Postings, allowing for quick access to high potential individuals.
  • Free Job Changes : No additional charges! You can change or edit your Job Postings anytime.
  • Resume Agent : Automated scan of your pre-selected fields, matching and forwarding you new registrations and updated resumes.

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