Essential Ways to Write a Resume

There are several ways to write an English resume and 3 major styles to use, depending upon its purpose.

1.    Chronological Resume

This resume style starts with the most recent employment first and educational background last, in what is called a “reverse-chronological order”.
Career advancement and promotions can be stressed; however, it may have a negative effect for a person who has many career moves.

2.    Functional Resume

Skills and knowledge are highlighted in sections. It is not like the chronological resume, as history need not be stated in timeline order. Using this style, you can emphasize your particular skills to a potential employer. It is better to avoid using this style if you do not have much overall work experience.

3.    Combination Resume

The combination of chronological and functional resume formats is the most popular style. It is common to list employment history and skills first and educational background afterward.

A Note of Caution (Combination Resume)

1.    Resume Header

Your full name needs to be placed at the top of the document, as if a title, which is unlike a Japanese resume.
It will stand out more by using a 16 point font.

2.    Paper

Use A4 paper of good quality. A white, light gray or light yellow paper would be better to use.

3.    Layout

The most important information (words) should be placed on the top of the resume to get the attention of a potential employer.

4.    Font and size

Times New Roman is a popular font, particularly using size 12. Bolding the title parts makes it noticeable and makes your resume easy to read.

5.    Work experience and educational background

The resume starts from the most recent experience and background, and the explanations should not be too long. Any special notes need to be indicated in the separate page, but the whole resume should be kept to two-pages, if possible. Not only dates but also simple office locations and addresses of schools should be included in the resume.



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