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Applying for Jobs Online

An Overview

Due to the rapid expansion of the internet, the majority of job seekers use the internet to search for jobs. Furthermore, because of the vast information available and ease of access that the internet offers, online job hunting is expected to become even more widespread.

The fact you are reading this means you must be considering applying for a new position via the internet. While it is certainly much quicker and easier than standard offline application methods, there are certain guidelines that still need to be followed. For example, many hiring managers complain about the spelling and grammar mistakes on cover letters and resumes received over the internet, and also of job seekers re-applying to the same positions many times over.

Below you will find a simple guide, put together with the help of Hiring Managers and HR professionals, to help you achieve success while applying for jobs online.

Include a Cover Letter

Hiring managers generally have to look through many resumes for each position advertised, therefore writing a short and precise cover letter which highlights your skills is likely to get your resume more attention. As with offline applications, do not forget to include greetings such as "Dear Sir/Madam" and closings such as "Sincerely", as well as thoroughly checking spelling and grammar.

Always Include a Resume

While this may sound obvious and very few people would apply for a job offline without including a resume, it is amazing the number of people who do it when applying online. Exactly the same goes for badly written or incomplete resumes - the majority will never get past the delete button!

Due to the nature of the internet, you can never guarantee what you send will be viewed as you intended. Everyone has different settings, and many companies have policies that render all internet communications as plain text. Therefore, always use very simple layouts and formatting. Keep it reasonably short (no more than two pages), clear, and precise. Just as with cover letters, always check spelling and grammar very carefully before sending.

Resumes in English and Japanese

Generally, your resume will be reviewed by at least two different departments in the company you are applying to, the Human Resource department and the manager of the department that is actually hiring. Additionally, virtually all the positions listed on the CareerCross website require both Japanese and English skills, therefore you can expect there to be both native Japanese speakers and non-native Japanese speakers involved in the hiring process. By supplying your resume in both languages, you are ensuring that everyone involved can fully understand your skills and experiences.

Apply Once and Only Once

Once you have applied to a position, it is generally not necessary to resend your resume. If there is another position in the same company that you are interested in, it may be appropriate to resend your resume. However, applying to the same company repeatedly (whether for the same positions or different positions) does not present a good impression of you to the hiring manager and can actually have the opposite effect, which may result in all your applications being ignored.

Apply to Positions that are Appropriate for You

Due to the quick and easy application process that online job boards present, it may be tempting to apply for as many positions as possible in the hope that at least one "sticks". While this may seem to make sense, it should be remembered that generally all applications to a company go to one person, who then distributes your resume to the appropriate people. By applying for multiple and unsuitable positions, the most likely result is that the recruiter or HR department will assume you are not serious and "blacklist" you, therefore ignoring your resume even if you subsequently apply for a position for which you are suitable.

Double Check Everything before Applying

As mentioned previously, always double check your cover letter and resume for spelling and grammar mistakes. Make sure your skills and experience match the job requirements, and you have included your name and contact details where they can be easily seen.

And Finally...

While following the above advice cannot guarantee your success, it should certainly ensure you will be considered by the companies you apply to. Please also remember that all applications go directly to the hiring company.

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